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Searched for a thread, and surprised we didn't have one!

What's the status of the old Harrison station on top of the hill? I haven't seen much on this, and nothing's reflected on the Wiki site, which honestly could use a rewrite: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harrison_ ... etro-North

Development: a "TOD" is going in: Patch.com
Groundbreaking Held For Harrison Train Station Development

HARRISON, NY — Officials from Harrison, MTA Metro-North Railroad and AvalonBay Communities held a groundbreaking ceremony today to mark the start of construction of a mixed-use development project on the south side of the station that will also increase commuter parking.
Housed on a 3.28-acre site on the south side of the station along Halstead Avenue, the development is intended to spark a downtown rebirth, serving as a catalyst for the revitalization of the Town/Village of Harrison.

Under the design completed by the developer, and approved by the Town/Village with input from Metro-North and MTA, the current too-small surface parking lot will be replaced by a series of pedestrian-oriented, four-story buildings lined with retail stores on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors, including seven affordable apartments that will be subsidized by Westchester County.
An additional 187 parking spaces for residents and 96 for retail customers will be located in another parking structure behind the first floor of the mixed retail/residential buildings on the western end of the site.

The existing parking spaces owned by the Town/Village of Harrison on the north side of the station are preserved for customers and will not be affected by construction or the project.
It's such an interesting station; I wonder if it has a similar history with that of the Mamaroneck station from the NYW&B days. The Mamaroneck station was moved down a hill to accommodate the two new track of the Westchester; I wonder if Harrison was moved up the hill to accommodate the tracks (both areas are now parking).
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