Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by DutchRailnut
Don't confuse studies and proposals with any actual plan.
My Christmas list never reflects whats under the tree.

  by SecaucusJunction
So... your plane shows up at Stewart at 4:30pm, but due to the single track and westbound rush hour, you arent going anywhere til about 10:00. Doesnt seem that situation will attract many riders, especially with always having the possibility of flight delays.

  by drewh
Access to the Region's Core includes dual mode diesel/electrics to service non-electrified territory.
No one has built one yet and they have been proposing this since the 60's.

  by cjvrr
SecaucusJunction wrote:Umm no. ....... Second, MN cant even operate ANY reverse peak trains on the Port Jervis Lines because it is single tracked. The sidings are only good for midday and weekend trains but after 3:00pm or so, there arent ANY eastbound trains until 9:00pm.

Could you explain this a little more? Its not clear to me. Why wouldn't the present sidings at Suffern, Harriman, Campbell Hall, Howells / Otisville suffice for one or two reverse peak trains? In the past long slow freights were able to operate against the flow of passenger traffic.

With Stewart, and the increase in ridership that could eventually be expected perhaps a few more short sidings could be installed, but I can not see the need for double track at startup.

Even after a number of years double track east of the Stewart rail link may be needed, but west of there? I just do not see it needed in that direction for a long time.

  by SecaucusJunction
Forget about west of Stewart... Plans, proposals or whatever only really cover east of that point. Say it takes a train 25 minutes to get from Sterling to Harriman (give or take), that means that if there is going to be an eastbound meeting at Harriman, the next train cannot get to Sterling for at least 50 minutes after the first train cleared if they are going to get an eastbound through. If you look at the schedule during rush hour, this is never the case between about 4:00 and 9:00 at night. Its the same situations with westbounds in the morning.

  by DutchRailnut
were getting to fantasy land now, next stop is ..............................

  by blockline4180
DutchRailnut wrote:were getting to fantasy land now, next stop is ..............................

The land of misfit toys???

  by finsuburbia
Basically why they would do full double tracking is due to future planning and available funding. It would be one thing if this was being funded by MNR from the MTA capital budget. In that budget, the tendency is to do the minimal because it is competing with funds with all other projects. If can't be fit into this capital plan, it can be deferred to the next one. Incremental investment makes sense in this case.

This case is different because the PA will be providing for a large, one-time investment. It is in Metro-North's best interest to maximize the amount of improvements they can get on the PA's tab. Moreover, it is in the PA's best interest that the rail-link be as fast and delay free as possible. If its not, then their entire investment is wasted. It is better if they spend a little more money (in PA terms) and make sure that the link works well and reliable.

As the old saying goes, to do otherwise would be "penny-wise and pound-foolish."
  by northjerseybuff
Ok..stupid question, but how will MN get to the airport from the southern tier? how far is the airport from downtown? too bad downtown Newburgh couldn't get some type of service out of this extension

  by DutchRailnut
These questions have been ansered in one or two treads here or on NJT forum.
lets not rehash all this and do a search.

http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 78&start=0

  by northjerseybuff
ok..since I got locked in my other question on the MN forum
what line is this going to use to get to the airport?? and would it make sense to run into downtown newburgh since its going to come this far?

  by SecaucusJunction
There arent any plans, as far as I know to go downtown Newburgh. The line would split just north of Salisbury Mills and spur off to the airport. There would be a layover yard on the airport property.

  by northjerseybuff
I understand it will split, but my question is..will it follow an already exisiting freight line? maybrook industrial? or will the entire line be built from scratch?

  by SecaucusJunction
The entire line will be built from scratch... Thats why they are trying to get this project going right now before all the land between the tracks and the airport is bought up.
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