Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by russellsal8
Had a look at the new Harlem line schedules, and I've noticed that nearly all lower Harlem line trains in the off-peak are making every stop in the Bronx. Even Melrose and Tremont are now getting trains every half an hour. Do those stations warrant that level of service? I can remember not too long ago those stations getting a train every 2 hours, with the other Bronx local stops (not Fordham) getting trains every hour. That's definitely going to increase running times, leading to much disappointment among lower Westchester train riders!
  by Erie-Lackawanna
Recent service increases at Melrose and Tremont stations resulted in significant increases in ridership. As we saw in Westchester, residents flock to the railroad with the introduction of half-hourly service. It is a huge attraction. There’s no reason why residents of the South Bronx shouldn’t enjoy a similar benefit of having the railroad in their communities, especially considering that those areas aren’t exactly convenient to subway service.

As to lengthened running times...well, nothing is perfect, and frankly “you’re making my trip x minutes longer!” is hardly a valid reason to deny good service to an underserved community. Never mind the potential Title VI implications of disparate service levels.

And anything that helps fill empty seats...increasing revenue with little or no increase in costs...is a good thing.

  by njt/mnrrbuff
There are probably plenty of people who live in and around Melrose and Tremont who would like to be able to get to Midtown Manhattan faster than taking a subway. Having Metro North increase the number of trains stopping there helps. I'm sure that many of the trains that start out at North White Plains have had enough empty seats by the time they get to Tremont and Melrose Stations. I'm not saying that the NWP locals aren't crowded, in general. They typically are but outside of the rush hour and on weekends, conductors tend to close off some cars when they feel there aren't enough riders to justify keeping them open.