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  • Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.
Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by jbvb
"Boston Landing" may sound cool to somebody's marketing consultant, but the trend of letting them 'brand' places in defiance of common sense and divorced from any prior context is inefficient and annoying.
  by Komarovsky
I noticed some electrical work being done within the ROW at the site of the proposed station. Looked likeaybe signal work or something along those lines.
  by 130MM
Komarovsky wrote:I noticed some electrical work being done within the ROW at the site of the proposed station. Looked likeaybe signal work or something along those lines.
This work is to replace an electrical feed for CP 4 which currently runs under the Turnpike, and is not related to the new station.
  by Disney Guy
They should post bond on the station project so it gets finished without the state's having to step in if the developer should back out.

They should have bonded the Assembly Square station similarly.
  by harshaw
Has there been any chatter about the proposed service schedule? Is this going to be stop for all lines like Yawkee?

Yawkee didn't seem to cause much of a schedule impact because a) it is a full heigh platform, b) the trains were already slow through that location anyway, and c) it probably decreased the dwell time at Back Bay due to ridership shift and that you can board faster at Yawkee than back bay.
  by dbperry
This comment was posted in the "West Station" thread, but I think it relates to Boston Landing station.
GP40MC1118 wrote:Might be as there will be changes to CP-4 very soon. The CSX local will have to
come down to CP-3 now to get to the Grand Jct (a double reverse move) and
buck the passenger trains and the single track. There will be no access to
the west end of the former yard.

It appears that Boston Landing station is going to be very close to where CP 4 is today. See the image / map here (and compare with google maps):
http://dbperry.weebly.com/blog/more-inf ... -available" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Boston Landing station appears to be configured as a center platform station. See this figure:
http://bostonlandingdevelopment.com/sit ... Page_1.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I think I have seen other references to it being a center platform station, so I'm not only relying on that figure.

However, I don't think there is enough room to configure the tracks as shown in that figure - in other words, I don't think there is room to have track 2 / the southernmost track move closer to Stop & Shop. Or more specifically, I don't think there is enough room to move that track far enough to fit a center platform station without moving the other track. So here is my guess:

CP 4 is being moved east past the eastern end of Boston Landing station. Can't get rid of it until the single track is eliminated - still need the crossovers. And CP 4 needs to be moved so that Boston Landing can be serviced by two mainline tracks.

Moving CP 4 to the east also allows the removal of the two long yard leads in the area of Boston Landing station. Gives them a much wider area to arrange the two mainline tracks plus the station.

Big guess here: because of the uncertainty regarding the configuration of tracks in the Beacon Park yard associated with the potential future layover yard and West Station, they are not going to install a switch from the mainline to the yard tracks at the new location of CP 4. CP 4 (for now) will just be crossovers for the single track. The only reason this doesn't make sense is that there is plenty of room between Everett Street and Cambridge Street for a new CP 4 that wouldn't interfere with West Station. And, as noted by GP40MC1118, having the freights occupy the single track all the way down to CP 3 just adds to congestion on the single track and at CP 3. With the uncertain timetable for West Station, it would seem prudent to put a switch into the yard at the new location of CP 4. Who knows.

  by dbperry
My guess above is mostly wrong. From the West Station discussion:
130MM wrote:
harshaw wrote:Why is the west end of the yard no longer available? Are they doing site prep? It doesn't sound like the turnpike straightening project has progressed much recently.
The switch to the west end of the yard is being retired so that the construction of a shoo-fly can be conducted. The shoo-fly will open up the job site for the construction of the center island platform. It will swing from the westerly crossover to the north hard up against the Turnpike. This allows all access to be from the south without crossing an active track. There is supposed to be a hand throw switch installed in the shoo-fly to access the yard. It will be powered up at some point in the future.
Ahh, that makes a lot of sense. I had to look up "shoo-fly" - a temporary track. And indeed, this is Boston Landing (not West Station) that we're talking about here.
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