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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by Commuterrail1050
One example of double tracking that is currently happening is on the Franklin line between Walpole and Norfolk. Anyone have an idea if they are going to try and make the entirety of the franklin line from past readville to Forge Park? Seems unlikely but you never know, anything can happen with the T.
  by Tom coughlin
Double tracking the Franklin Branch has been talked about. However, all stations west of Norwood Central would need to be reconfigured.
Tom Coughlin
Stow, MA (and native of Walpole)
  by Cosmo
With the DT South (RR "West") of Walpole, there's going to be less single track than double for most of the line.
So much so it seems likely they won't need to DT Walpole to Norwood.
I think they COULD DT Walpole itself, but there's the tunnel under Rt 1A just North of the station that would be a serious problem. I don't believe that was ever DT.
Next time I deliver to Windsor Gardens I'll look to see if I can spot where the single track starts South of Norwood.
  by Tom coughlin
I forgot about the tunnel in Walpole under RT. 1A. The tunnel was double track at one time but later changed to a gauntlet track as rolling stock got larger. The gauntlet was removed when the line was single tracked (late 1940’s?). A gauntlet could be installed again with signals protecting the gauntlet like in earlier times.

Old timers used to talk about the effort needed to operate the “Armstrong” home signal east of the tunnel that protected the gauntlet. The thought of the run of mechanical linkage from the interlocking tower to this signal always amazed me. The interlocking tower was located just west of the station.

Tom Coughlin
Stow, MA
  by Agent at Clicquot
The chapter in Rail Lines of Southern New England (Branchline Books) noted the Norfolk County RR was double tracked in 1882. When was second main taken up?

Interested readers could visit the mbta's website: https://www.mbta.com/projects/franklin- ... uble-track.

The webpage says Norwood Central > Walpole is saved for last, probably due to skewed, over grade bridge (Rte 1A).

Phase II will extend the new track from Norfolk to "Frank St." (short of the layover yard?).

* Cliq *
  by BandA
Has part of the ROW been sold off since 1940, necessitating new retaining walls?
  by Agent at Clicquot
Just east of the Seekonk St. grade crossing, the line crosses the outflow from Highland Lake. Some additional work was required to stabilize the under grade for the new track.

-- Clicq
  by charding
...the double track in Walpole taken up in 1940-/41? I was born in 1939 and I remember the double track...I may have a great memory, but not great...I was thinking 1943-44...as Yogi would say, ‘deja vue all over again’...I bet the Foxboro experiment doesn't make it out of the current crisis and cutback in service...