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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by Rbts Stn
I am currently working near 53 State Street, and there is access to "State" station there, on the Congress Street side, but the sign says "Orange Line All Trains" and "Blue Line Wonderland".

I was wondering during the deluge on Friday if you can enter the station there and walk to the Blue Line platform towards Government Center/Bowdoin in any way?

I have taken the train to the Airport from there in the past and I didn't recall seeing any way to cross the tracks. Wikipedia tells me I can go either way on the Blue Line there, but I wasn't about to trust Wikipedia, so I went thru the building and crossed State Street and used the entrance in the 60 State Street building next to the BoA entrance where it told me I could take the Orange Line (all trains) and Blue Line (towards Bowdoin) and successfully caught my train there.
  by jbvb
It's been some years since I used State with any regularity, but there's definitely stairs between either Orange Line platform up/down to either Blue Line platform. It follows that if an entrance is correctly signed for "Blue Line Wonderland" all that's required to reach the other Blue Line platform is to go down, North a bit, then back up. It may not be so easy for those who can't use stairs, though, which might be the reason for the signage.
  by The EGE
Yes, there are two paths (neither particularly direct) that you could use:

From the Wonderland-bound platform, you could take the stairs up to the Old State House entrance, then back down to the Bowdoin-bound platform. Or you could walk a little further, take the stairs down to the Oak Grove-bound platform, and then take the long ramp back up to the Bowdoin-bound platform.
  by Rbts Stn
Thanks to both of you! I saw those stairs when I entered thru the Bowdoin side and thought that might have worked. Now I'll know for next time it is monsooning and I need to get to the Green Line without getting soaked!