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  • Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.
Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by Type 7 3684
Red Line and Orange Line service is temporarily bypassing Downtown Crossing Station in both directions due to a pipe burst.

Park Street was closed for a while earlier. A train had a mechanical issue causing smoke.
  by RenegadeMonster
By bypassing you just mean not making the station stop right? Not that there is a way around the station that I don't know of?
  by Type 7 3684
Yes, that's correct. Service has since resumed
  by Type 7 3684
From mbta.com:
Blue Line service suspended is suspended between Wonderland & Orient Heights due to heavy flooding at Beachmont. No alternative service will be provided.
Aquarium Sta is closed due to flooding. Blue Line trains will bypass the station in both direction. Use State St Sta as an alternative
  by deathtopumpkins
Not surprised they're bypassing Aquarium. Atlantic Ave is underwater and I've read that BFD has been rescuing people from Long Wharf and the Aquarium by boat
  by Type 7 3684
Uh oh
Orange Line experiencing moderate delays due to Boston Fire Department activity at State Street.
  by Arlington
Aquarium entrance, as the seas rolled in near this noon/1pm high tide (which was extra high due to the near-full moon)(from MBTA twitter feed)
  by Arlington
Worth its own post:
Video from MBTA police taken from platform level, showing the water pouring down the stairs:
https://twitter.com/MBTATransitPD/statu ... 4618925056
  by Type 7 3684
Green Line E branch service suspended between Copley and Northeastern University due to a switch problem at Copley. Please use the Route 39 bus as alternate service.
  by Type 7 3684
Red Line Braintree Branch experiencing severe delays due to a disabled train at North Quincy.

A single-track shuttle train is running between JFK/UMass and Braintree servicing all stops. Please board on the northbound track for service in both directions until further notice.
I got the first alert for this disabled train at about 8:00. By 8:40 delays were severe. Nearly 3 hours later and it still isn't resolved.

Update: Service is running in both directions again
  by CRail
Type 7 3684 wrote:Update: Service is running in both directions again
You should timestamp the update so we know when service resumed.
  by Type 7 3684
Will do next time.
  by Type 7 3684
Green Line D branch service suspended between Reservoir and Riverside because of a disabled train at Newton Centre.
  by MBTA3247
They've got something a lot more serious than a "disabled train" if they're suspending service.