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  • Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.
Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by Yellowspoon
And I am just as sure that you are wrong. These can not be one-way stairs because they are the only stairs from the red line center platform to the green line westbound. If they were "down" only, there would be no way "up". All three other stairs from the red line center platform go the green line northbound.

As for age, these are fairly new stairs that were installed when the elevator was installed about 8? years ago. They used to face the other way and occupy the space that the elevator now occupies.
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  by diburning
Patrick Boylan wrote:If the employer really wanted it to be their semi-private entrance, and if it's on the employer's property, why wouldn't they just extend their glass wall around it so the only way to get to it would be from inside the building? As it is now their employees must brave the elements for the few steps from the stairway to the building's door.
If you were the building owner/manager, in the event of an evacuation of the station, would you rather have everyone going up the stairs and into your lobby where they now become a liability, or would you rather want them to evacuate onto the street?
  by Yellowspoon
Last fall, a out-of-towner asked me which station was closest to Government Center. HUH? After I told him it was the Government Center station, he pointed to the sign that said that GovCen was closed for renovations. A cursory look at about 6 of these maps over the next few days showed that none had been corrected.

Fast forward to last Tuesday. This was my first time on the T for a couple of months. As I was going to the boat show, I noticed that the sign at Waban had finally been updated. It was now 22+ months since GovCen reopened. A cursory look at 8-10 of these signs that evening showed that all but one had been updated.

Now, if I could just get them to correct the signs for handicapped in Park Street.
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  by Type 7 3684
I was on 3712 this weekend and the system map on the train still shows that Government Center is closed.
  by deathtopumpkins
I suspect that those stickers they're putting on the maps to cover over the Gov't Ctr closure are peeling off... I've seen several lately that I swear had been fixed before.
  by CRail
Putting up permanent maps with a temporary closure has got to go down as one of the worst decisions in the history of the Authority, second to buying Italian streetcars, naturally.

We still have maps that show Essex, Dover, and Dudley on the orange line, and show Arborway service as temporarily suspended, we’ll still have maps showing this closure the next time it gets renovated.
  by Arborwayfan
I wonder why, if they needed to put up new maps at some stations while CG was closed, they didn't make them show GC open and then put on a sticker showing GC closed -- then Yellowspoon could have peeled them off himself.
  by marlowe
I was at South Station yesterday as they took down and older sign and put up a new one (which includes Silver Line 3). Notice the differences.
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  by RenegadeMonster
The west end of the Green Line is mapped differently?
  by Type 7 3684
That first map is from a number of years ago. It doesn’t show Assembly.
  by Aerie
The first map is more geographically accurate than the 2nd map in displaying the green line branches. The 2nd map implies that Boston College/Lake Street and Cleveland Circle stations are west of the Riverside terminus.
  by Arborwayfan
Yep, the first map may have been the only T map to tell everyone who looked at it that if they were at Park St. wanting to go to Cleveland Circle they should take the D if it came first...
  by ceo
Second map labels all the stations, however, which is far more important.
  by BandA
Chelsea station now refers to the SL3 shelter at Everett Ave. Chelsea station on the CR is now Chelsea - Bellingham. On the brand new map it is marked Chelsea for the CR & Bellingham for the SL3. Very bad. Looks like the T website has been revamped with navigation less intuitive also. If you search for Chelsea it brings up the SL3 station with no mention of the CR station.

Yeah, Reservoir should be renamed something like Reservoir/Cleveland Circle.
  by diburning
To pick at nits...

The Needham Line is now shown on the new map, but Needham Heights appears to be west of Riverside.

The B&A is mapped incorrectly in relation to Green Line B on the new map. (To be fair, it was incorrect on the old one as well) It doesn't really matter though.

Griggs st/Long Ave has dropped the Long Ave.

Science Park is now Science Park/West End presumably to match the station signage. (Is Science Park even a GOOD place to get off if you're trying to get to the West End? It's near a whole lot of nothing. Wouldn't North Station be more practical?)

Melnea Cass Blvd has lost the Blvd.

Hynes has regained the Convention Ctr label.

Tufts Medical is now Tufts Medical Center.

Longwood Med is now Longwood Medical Area.

St Mary's st now has the correct label of st.

Also, on the old map, there appears to be the late 80s/early 90s spider map underneath it.