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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by Arlington
No cutover happened (as of 4:30p Sunday) on neither track at neither end.

The new crossover might look a little more complete, but it is hard to see (to my eyes, anyway) what progress they might have made this weekend. It is definitely the case that a first layer of stone ballast has been laid now through the entire length of the project whereas last week there were still patches of graded dirt.

The new crossover is still unconnected to anything at either end. The Lowell line tracks are exactly where they have been for the last several weeks.

Long segments of rail have been dropped. The new ballast level is lower than the existing ballast level, as if they might drag the tracks and existing ballast on to the new bed when it comes time to do the cutover
  by Trinnau
Didn't expect anything to happen. The advisory you posted indicates next weekend and the weekend after (cut down to the relevant dates).
Nighttime Construction Advisory
On Friday, November 10th ... through the start of service Monday morning, November 13th.... Friday, November 17th through Monday morning November 20th.
  by Arlington
So let's build clear schedule of what is fair to expect.
Reading back, Trinneau suggests:
10 - 12 Nov: One track cut over (guess outbound? In service by 13 Nov?)
17 - 19 Nov: Other track cut over (guess inbound? In service by 20 Nov?)
23 - 26 Nov: Thanksgiving (no crossing over until signals are done but trains will be running straight across)
Sometime After: Signals activated; switch put into service
  by GP40MC1118
Sadly, BNSF or UP could do this in 48 hours...

  by Rockingham Racer
Truer words were never spoken. Seems that as far as transit goes in Boston, the operating word is "complicated."
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  by GP40MC1118
Same goes for the Merrimack River Bridge and the double track projects involving the Fitchburg
and Haverhill lines. The glacial progress on the bridge and the latter mainline are embarrassing.

I know the UP and BNSF are wealthy private companies, but they can replace Hurricane Harvey
bridges in weeks and we are going on 5 plus years.

  by BostonUrbEx
Track throwing for the new Tufts interlocking will begin tonight. 3702 and 3806 to come back via Reading tonight. The progress on this interlocking is putting CPW WJ to shame. Should be done in no time.
  by Arlington
Outbound track appears to be in its new slot: already cut, dragged, and re-connected at both ends of the new crossover. Seems to be awaiting final ballast work.

Had a caboose/cab leading about 5 yellow ballast hoppers and a PanAm locomotive (sitting on the outbound track of the new crossover at 2pm that finished spreading its load by 2:50p

The inbound side appears entirely untouched.
  by GP40MC1118
The Work Train did not have a PAR engine on it. That was GMTX 2636, one of four lease
engines the T recently acquired.

  by Arlington
^ Thanks for the correction! While a rich blue, It was at the far-away end (at Harvard Ave) as I viewed it from College Ave (didn't see the nose)

Any idea if they will play it safe and only do the out bound side this weekend saving the inbound for next, or push ahead and try to get both tracks done this weekend at the rate they're going?
  by GP40MC1118
Doubt if both tracks will be done. No.1 Track for this weekend only as far as I know.

  by Arlington
As of Monday c.11am, it looked like the outbound Lowell Line had had its ballast fully groomed/tamped, and at the same time, crews were working all along it (I saw a construction vehicle moving something about the size of a single tie). Did they operate from just the inbound track midday Monday?

It looks like the brand new retaining wall behind Burget Ave has left an extra alcove for a future CR signal mast and related cabinetry--is this so? Is this something that's part of this project or just left there for the long run? (otherwise there's a big, multi-level signal mast near the Harvard Ave bridge (at the inbound edge of the new crossover) that seems to have enough signals on it to cover all possible movements.
  by BostonUrbEx
The location where you dropped the pin seems to be the exact location where the home signals for Tufts will be for inbound trains.
  by Arlington
BostonUrbEx wrote:The location where you dropped the pin seems to be the exact location where the home signals for Tufts will be for inbound trains.
Yes, and as described in this plan, but I was a little surprised at the stark contrast between just an empty base where I dropped my pin (Burget Ave) versus the big mast with many heads at the other (Harvard St) end (roughly here) which looks ready to have the signals turned facing traffic and turned on--and has looked that way since this picture (from upthread on Oct 22nd or so), where you can see that signal next to Tuft's blue science building on the upper-center/left
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  by GP40MC1118
They operated on the outbound since Sunday early evening. Amtrak 697 or 2311 may
have been the first trains...

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