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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by GP40MC1118
Is out of service further notice. Happened a couple of days ago. No sets were
stranded in Rockport as everything was being brought into Boston due to the
operational changes for the pandemic.

Understand a spring switch will be installed at the former "Harbor" station site
(just west of the draw). This leaves room for a 5-6 car set to "turn there". I
guess the T will be bussing long term between West Gloucester and Rockport.

The bridge was slated to be replaced in phases, but I guess its condition has
deteriorated to the point of no return.
  by Trinnau
Spring switch is already there - you can see it on Google Earth/Maps and was installed when the bridge was singled-tracked a year ago. No word yet on if this is temporary or "permanent" until the new bridge is built.
  by GP40MC1118
Thanks. I caught quite a few temp block operator jobs at Harbor, Gloucester Draw and Wilson (the old end of double track east of the
draw) way back when. Lonely places and cold in the winter!

  by troffey
Reports elsewhere indicate 18 months for the bridge work.
  by Backshophoss
What went wrong to force the bridge OOS status??
  by RenegadeMonster
I believe it deteriorated to the point where they found it no longer safe for service.
  by troffey
I believe I saw somewhere it was concerns regarding the abutments, but can't swear to that. It's worth noting work was already underway on rehab when they decided the bridge could no longer be kept in service.
  by jsnitkoff
Gloucester Times ran an article today confirming it will be OOS until sometime next summer. There are issues with the abutments and the fill the bridge is built on. Some Rockport residents will be seriously upset when train service returns...
  by Trinnau
Press Release from the MBTA website
Unexpected issues have been found during construction, including issues with the Northwest Wall originally constructed in 1911, excavation issues with the East Abutment that precluded partial demolition of the structure, and questions regarding the stability of the bridge span once partial demolition is complete.
Link to the Gloucester Times article
  by BandA
Never seen the term "blast rock", basically loose rock fill I think. If the abutment worked for 109 years it was probably a good design.
  by RenegadeMonster
Blast rock could be the abutments themselves. I don't think they are referring to loose fill, but rather the large rocks granite rocks used to build walls and abutments.

For example, here is a wall made of blast rocks: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/636414991062509087/
  by specialtrack
Took a ride up the Annisquam River on Sunday (9/13/2020), bridge is now missing the south part of the counterweight. Once it is all gone the channel will be closed for a couple of days while the bridge span is removed. Won't be there much longer.
  by Hux
A daily drone flyover would be most useful during this rebuild.