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Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by SRich
Backshophoss wrote:LIRR is heading to "Go/No Go" type wayside signals at control points and interlockings and full time use of ASC/ACSES with Cab Signals.
following MN.
Except for harold interlocking?

And i use also nordvpn
  by Backshophoss
Harold is shared with Amtrak and LIRR,should be changing over to Amtrak's color light signal standards in the interlocking limits.
Some of those signals were installed on the old Mainline cutoff trackage,track now abandoned in place.
  by Head-end View
New color-light signals are now in operation as far east as the signal bridge right above Queens Blvd, where the Port Wash. Branch splits off from the Main-Line, east of Woodside. I don't think there are still any position-light signals west of that point.
  by jcpatten
The MTA Capital Construction Mega Project Flickr account https://www.flickr.com/photos/mtacc-esa/albums has shown a lot of work at Harold Interlocking, including new track and switches. I don't know the area well enough to tell where these new tracks are. It doesn't seem like there's enough open space there to put any new tracks.

It would appear that a track is being put in for the Amtrak Westbound bypass, at least for a portion of it. However it's my understanding that the tunnel under the two inbound lines hit a snag, so the bypass track can't go too far.

There's also a large space where two tracks are going in. I don't see any catenary overhead, so it must be LIRR east bound tracks.

It would be nice if someone on this board took video from the front window (or a side window if that gives a better view) and posted it to Youtube! :-D
  by SRich
Thnx for the link. Nice pictures where posted there. I guess that for the harold interlocking the pictures are from the MTA side and Amtrak side?
  by Backshophoss
Both Amtrak and LIRR provide crews to do some of the work at Harold,There's a contractor handling some of the trackwork,
Amtrak ET crews are doing the Cat pole construction and building new/moving existing catenary wires as needed,
as are LIRR ET crews building new/moving existing 3rd rail as needed.
Both Amtrak and LIRR C&S crews handle signal cutovers to PSCC.
Both Amtrak and LIRR track crews handle track change overs to new track or temporary track as construction progresses.
  by ConstanceR46
The old Yard A's platforms have been put in, ballast has been spread, and now there's a string of Amtrak Track machines and a couple lengths of CWR.

It's hapoening.
  by lpetrich
The Q4 FRA report is finally out, and from it, every contract outside of Harold Interlocking has been let.
  • CM006 - North Manhattan Structures -- just about done
  • CM007 - GCT Caverns - mid-2020
  • CM014B - GCT Fit-Out - late 2020 - 2021
  • VM014 - Escalators and Elevators - mid-2020
  • CQ032 - Queens Structures - early this year
  • VQ032, CQ032 - Mid-Day Storage Yard - early 2021
  • VS086, CS086 - Signal Equipment - early 2021
  • CS179 - Facilities Systems - late 2021
  • CS084 - Traction Power - mid-2021
For Harold Interlocking, however, the document lists work well into 2026. But looking at the critical-path chart on PDF page 21, it looks like the necessary Harold stuff may be done around when the overall facilities and systems are done.
  by EuroStar
What you do not see explicitly stated in the reports is that the contract for the Westbound Bypass was a complete failure. The method chosen to dig the tunnel under the active tracks was not appropriate and the whole contract had to be cancelled after spending considerable amounts of money on equipment. Due to the federal money, NY DOT has no choice, but to build the Westbound Bypass, but they have deprioritized it, so that is why the work will go until 2026, more than 10 years after the Obama administration awarded the money for speeding up Amtrak's trains through Harold. It appears that they have not been able to find a way to speed up the Eastbound reroute, so it will be same old delays through Harold for another decade. I am surprised that Amtrak did not demand the Westbound Bypass and the Eastbound Reroute finished before Metro-North Penn Station Access.
  by jlr3266
Jack shields have been used successfully all over. The problem was not the technology. LIRR also insisted that both mainline tracks could not come out together for bridging the area to allow cut and cover construction. The shield was the only remaining feasible option.
  by jlr3266
I am surprised that Amtrak has not insisted on the Eastbound Reroute sooner. I see no benefit for Amtrak with the Westbound Bypass. Amtrak can bypass Harold, but then has to cross mainline tracks to get to their tube. Perfect route for the Port Washington trains, though.
  by jlr3266
The Harold works are pushed out beyond revenue service by teh delay the the Westbound Bypass and Amtrak Car Wash rebuild. Maybe even a reborn Sunnyside Station.
  by newkirk
Photographed today (April 21, 2019)
Latest progress on the new Brooklyn shuttle platform at Jamaica Station
  by jcpatten
I recall as part of building the tunnel around the "Q-tip" they froze underneath one of the streets and slowly carved away bits and pieces. This won't work for the westbound underpass?
  by jlr3266
The Westbound Bypass is too shallow and not completely under the groundwater for a proper freeze.

BTW, the freeze and sequential excavation was under the IND Subway and Northern Blvd. The Q-Tip is at the edge of Sunnyside Yard proper and is where the soft-ground TBM's were launched.
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