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  by RetiredLIRRConductor
Someone asked to see what 503 looks like..here ya go 4/2/08


Which incident is 503 linked with?

  by RetiredLIRRConductor
Electrical fire at Huntington a few years ago.

  by SwingMan
RetiredLIRRConductor wrote:Electrical fire at Huntington a few years ago.

If I remember correctly, it occoured on December 12, 2000 while running train 660 to PJ. I think it hit a shopping cart and then fire. I remember seeing a video on tv of the engine smoking in the station. It was only a couple weeks old then...


  by drumz0rz
peter's correct. Hit a hobo's shopping car which started an electrical fire. Such a shame.

  by de402
Pretty sad that the old FA-Powerpack is more useful than a unit with less than 20K miles on it?

  by Jumpshot724
How in the world does hitting a mere shopping cart start an electrical fire? Trains hit cars/trucks everyday with (usually) no more damage than some crumpling and scrapes.

  by DutchRailnut
A trird rail powered Dual mode, when it shorts out is like having a 5000 amp 700 volt welder, not much that that won't melt.

  by drumz0rz
as you can see from the damage the cart probably got stuck on the front right wheels, where the 3rd rail is. The huge electrical arks caused things to ignite. Same reasoning behind the dangers of the large 3rd rail gaps around Jamaica and why the DM30's run in diesel mode all the time.
  by frankie
A bit off the topic, but I noticed that the wheels of the DM30 looks huge. It is a deception from the photos or are the wheels actually larger when compared with other motive equipment?

  by Jumpshot724
Look about the same size as the ones on the MP15s there, they're just not as covered by the rest of the truck on the bottom portion of the wheel
  by kro52
You are correct, they are bigger....44 inch vs. 40 inch


  by jayrmli
So much for standardization. :-D