• FA1 #611 in fresh paint 12/31/79

  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by RPM2Night
I've got a random question about the power packs that I've been wondering. Did the power packs have their own independent brake still operative after they were converted to power packs? I know they didn't provide any tractive effort, so any bail off feature wouldn't do much....but in the brake test, the independent brake could have been used to anchor the train during the release portion.

  by LIengineerBob
Yes, the power packs did indeed have the independent brake still functioning. Didn't really make any sense to keep it functioning since they were really no more than cars, but it did work on all of the 600 series power packs (must have been some technical reason for it).

( :wink: It was handy for bunching up the train when operating in push mode. A small application of the independent when operating from the power pack would cause the train to "bunch up" and remove the slack in the train for a smooth(er) stop). :wink:
  by Pensyfan19
Does anyone know the current status of this locomotive? Is this engine in the process of being restored along with 602? Last photo of it says it is currently stored in Dividing Creek, NJ.

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/locoPi ... x?id=28725
  by newkirk
erielackawanna wrote: I have my BMT standard sign box propped up on top of my IND R-1/9 sign box! The latter is much, much heavier. Interestingly, my standard sign box has a custom-fabricated sheet metal cover over the side that faced the car's exterior.
The best paint scheme they ever had is my opinion.
I wouldn't say #611 was freshly repainted in that photo.
  by RGlueck
This FA1, along with 614, is slowly being restored by its owner. I've been asked to not add much more information at this time, however donor locomotives are on site (ex Erie Mining RS11's). I have personally been allowed to inspect these engines, and they are doing better than you might hope.
The priority FA's are 601 and 602. I can't share more, but you have reasons to get your hopes up.
  by RGlueck
I should add, you're wrong about the paint scheme being the best. The original was the best.
Just thought you should know.