Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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An ongoing effort: http://www.trainsarefun.com/lirr/lirr%2 ... towers.htm

With NASSAU just closed, I believe only BROOK (2nd), DIVIDE, VALLEY and BABYLON may be left as actively manned.

Thanks, folks.
I had previously posted LIRR Towers as of 2008 as follows: LIRR ACTIVE TOWERS - 2008 (not counting PSCC and West Side Yard):


Harold is only opened in the event that PSCC goes down. Right now it's a lounge for signalmen and track workers.

CTC is in the inevitable future, but not all towers have computer controls yet. Jay, Hall and Dunton still have their Model 14s. Up until recently, Queens did too, but with the interlocking work, they've switched over to computers. Haven't been up in Valley for some time. They may have a few levers left, don't know. PD tower is gone - it's now 261, automatic block from PD to SK controlled by Babylon Tower.

What I've heard is that they would like to centralize the operation, much like Metro North has done, with one control center in Jamaica (Air Train bldg). How long this takes, who knows. Get your pictures and visit the towers while they're still around. Passed Hall tower today in the wee hours of the morning with the whole interlocking aglow from switch heaters. What a sight

Jay is located at the west end of Jamaica station
Hall is at the east end
Queens is just north of the Belmont wye (near Belmont racetrack)
Nassau is at the east end of Mineola station
Divide is at the east end of Hicksville station, where the Mainline and Port Jeff branches split
Valley is at the east end of Valley Stream station
Lead is atop a drawbridge which connects Island Park and Long Beach
Brook is at the east end of Flatbush Avenue station, south of track two
Dunton is at the throat of the yard to Morris ParkPort Washington yard and Wood, Shea, Bay and Neck Interlockings are all controlled by Section A as of 2008.
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Lead is still manned.
  by krispy
List is good, next up on the chopping block is Divide, but given the turbulent times, I wouldn't place bets on when. This also doesn't include JCC, PSCC and Westside. One of the biggest collection of tower stuff I've seen, with lots of rarities, so thanks for posting! Great to see finally pics of the machine at Fremont, that's something I thought I never would see. Great job!