Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by RRspatch
Two thoughts -

1) Why is there no global "Mark all post read" button? After reading the messages I want to read I have to mark each forum "Read" then go to "Board Index" to read the next forum. Please bring back the Global "Mark All Read" button that marks everything at Railroad Net as read.

2) Like Newkirk I also find the new setup harder to read. I much preferred the more pleasing Blue. Is there a way for users to change the color background?
  by Jeff Smith
We appreciate all the input. Greg and I will figure something out...
  by wintower
I second Dutch, no improvement in my opinion.
  by gprimr1
I sent the following requests to the developer to address:

1.) On mobile devices, there is no navigation option at the top of the thread. You have to scroll to the bottom to find the return to the forum. I understand why this is, but a lot of times people start reading and find it’s boring. Can we add this?
2.) On mobile devices, the ads aren’t resizing. This might be a google thing, but is there a way we could configure the theme to deliver mobile ads so they fit?
3.) On mobile devices, is it possible to remove the + button on the right of each forum?
4.) Is there any way that users could control the background color?
5.) Is it possible to add a global “make all as read” for every post in every forum?

We will be deploying a feature that allows you to choose the width of the forum, so those who prefer the full length can choose that, and those who prefer the narrower can chose that.
  by Backshophoss
Try the "nightstalker "mode much easier on the eyes then the old blue format. leave it as it is now.
Win 10 users,use he "Night light mode" 0ption if possible
  by Head-end View
I tried Night Stalker and found that black screen horrible. I actually like the white screen better. If it's too bright you can dim it using your computer settings, right?
  by gprimr1
I posted a poll and samples of the background color.

We are going to make the forum width user selectable.