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  by Pensyfan19
Does anyone happen to know when and where the first run of the DE/DM30AC was? Just curious and I'm trying to find old info about these locomotives.
  by Pensyfan19

I would guess some time in mid-1999 on the Oyster Bay or Port Jeff branch. Is that correct?
  by grobtech
Dual mode service with the DM30ACs to Penn Station began on Monday, 11/15/99. Then railroad president, Thomas F. Prendergast was aboard that train. In an interview featured in Newsday or the NY Times (I don't remember which) Prendergast detailed his vision of a 'platoon' of nine dual mode runs into Penn Station every day from points east. A Newsday article from the day prior details the plans for the deployment of the DE and DM fleets and the eventual introduction of the M7 fleet.
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