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  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by RGlueck
Does anyone know where the technical drawings for LIRR Fairbanks Morse locomotives end up? Did any collector or museum get them?
I need a resource for the two axle trucks under C-Liners and H16-44's.
  by BuddR32
They may still be in Hillside. I'm not kidding. One time I was in the 'tech library' and they still had the original service manuals for the Budd/GTE cars
  by RGlueck
It wouldn't surprise me. Pan American still has a selection of steam loco and passenger coach drawings in their files. What building in Hillside would store them? Anyone have access to check?
  by ConstanceR46
Perhaps this is a ground to submit a FOIL request - the MTA is a government agency and can be prodded with them.
RG: I suggest contacting Don Fisher at RMLI - there is LIRR ephemera and documents
on file in the Library section at Riverhead.

The problem right now is that RMLI is closed until further notice for the regular
Tuesday and Saturday work sessions for members such as myself.

RMLI is now scheduled to open for the 2020 season on Memorial Day Weekend
(May 23-25) to the public depending on how the current virus situation pans out.

BR32: The RMLI Library has on file the manuals for the Garrett (4001-4004)
and General Electric (4005-4008) Turbine MU Car fleet.
They may have the Fairbanks-Morse manuals for the C Liners in the collection as well...

Contacting the LIRR to see what is available at Hillside may be a good idea - but remember that the C Liners have been retired since 1963 - 57 years ago - and that
retirement occurred during the "Goodfellow" years when many historical pictures and documents were discarded.

The difference with the middle 1970s Turbo equipment is dating from the MTA years
under New York State ownership. Contacting RMLI will be much easier than filing a
FOIL to MTA (bureaucracy) to see what the LIRR *MAY* currently have...MACTRAXX
  by RGlueck
I'll get an email off to Don Fisher regarding the FM books. Thank for the lead.
Let me state, I will not file an FOIA claim as I'm rather disconnected from the Island these days, however, I wouldn't discourage others from making that effort.
Thanks everyone for the leads!
  by C-LINER 2001
RGlueck, Give Radpido Trains a try, they are "Good People" and might be willing to help you with the information your looking for.
  by RGlueck
Spoke with Don Fisher and we're on it. Rapido is an interesting group that makes great (but really expensive) models. They are less likely to share data than you'd imagine. I know from experience.
  by C-LINER 2001
RGlueck, Thank you for your insights, sorry that they are like that.
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  by ConstanceR46
expensive is right - it's a shame coz niche canadian stuff is right up my alley. i guess it makes sense, because it's niche canadian stuff