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  by nyandw
Perhaps someone might ID this item, and when in use? (Perhaps not a Drumhead.)
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  by RGlueck
Never saw it in my experience.

Anyone know what became of the drumhead for the original "Sunrise Special"?

This was one of two drumhead signs used on the Cannonball during the Summer season of 2004.

As you may know two locomotives are assigned to the Cannonball in season since this
is the longest C3 train that the LIRR runs - now 12 cars - since it has been operated through from Penn Station or previously from Hunterspoint Avenue (east on Friday,
west on Sunday evenings)

Each DM/DE 30 got a drumhead sign placed on the front end. What made the 2004
signs interesting is that both were different instead of an identical pair placed on both
DM/DE 30 units. See: