• Cuomo wants to add 8 tracks at Penn Station to increase capacity - Newsday

  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Jeff Smith
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  by bostontrainguy
ConstanceR46 wrote: Thu Jan 09, 2020 2:03 am I believe that plan is for the original idea, and doesn't reflect Andy "Rivers" "Shivers" Cuomo's plan which is just stick 8 tracks onto penn
From the little I can find about the details, it seems like the same plan. Cuomo is taking credit for Amtrak's original plan? Politics maybe?
  by NIMBYkiller
No 1 project is a magic bullet here. Gateways full potential won't be realized unless capacity is added in Penn, capacity expansion in Penn won't be realized unless Gateway is done. Likewise for any projects for LIRRs benefit. Me personally I'd suggest Tracks 1-5 and Penn South get under the East River connecting to both the main line and the lower Montauk. That way, NJT & Amtrak trains coming into those tracks can access Sunnyside rather than terminating at Penn, and LIRR could get added capacity (let LIRR take over E yard). Hooking into the Lower Montauk also allows trains an alternate route to the main line, which also helps with sorting at Jamaica by eliminating merges. That's really the only way you'll see the most made out of Gateway & Penn South.

Also, are they saying the need to demo the block Penn South would be under because building foundations are in the way or is it for a headhouse? If it's for the sake of a head house, they can do plenty without demolishing the entire block. There's a parking garage that could demolished to provide sufficient access (either leave it open as a pedestrian plaza or redevelop the space above it) as well as 2 low level commercial buildings closer to 8th Av whose storefronts could provide secondary access.
  by NIMBYkiller
ESAs full benefit can be realized without having to add capacity to NYP. In fact, it's solving the problem of lack of capacity at Penn by offering a new alternative (the place where they're shooting themselves in the foot is making Brooklyn a scoot but that's a discussion for another thread).
  by mark777
Whatever happened to NJT's original idea of building tracks on the north side of Penn? I remember when places were being closed on 34th street, and then Gov. Christie putting the brakes on it. After that, never heard anything from the north side of Penn again.
  by NIMBYkiller
NJT on the north side of Penn is a horrible idea. The track layout at Penn sections things in a fairly efficient way. NJT on the north side of the station means crossing all of the LIRR tracks that access WSY in order to reach the North River Tubes.
  by krispy
Hate to be the voice of reason here, but things have changed just a tad. If and when things go back to "normal", both the state and the Federal governments are going to be seriously hurting for cash. We'll be lucky if the existing programs get finished. There is going to be some seriously tight budgets in the future, and some seriously painful cuts ahead in the next few years. At some point the bill is going to come due for all of this lockdown, and we'll be paying for it in a deep recession economy at first. If things continue on the political front as well, DC will not be kind to NY/NJ in terms of big capital projects, and without them anything big in Penn will be just a dream.