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  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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http://www.trainsarefun.com/lirr/Statio ... esigns.htm NEW PAGE LIRR Station Designs 8/31
http://www.trainsarefun.com/lirr/Merrick/Merrick.htm NEW PAGE Merrick 8/25
http://www.trainsarefun.com/lirr/LIST%2 ... 20Cars.htm NEW PAGE Long Island Sunrise Trail Chapter (LIST) - NRHS cars 8/03

I have been adding siding photos and LIRR customer logos to this page. http://www.trainsarefun.com/lirr/freightsidings.htm
This is the LIRR 1966 sidings maps page about 19 years old, I would estimate. Anyone with freight siding material/logos to add would be welcome!
  by MattAmity90
I noticed in the June 24th, 1975 shot (four days before elevated service began) that there was a Merrick platform sign on the elevated structure with the pin stripe. I have a picture of Amityville with the same thing, and Massapequa Park had the same practice during its grade crossing elimination project. This means the station name with the pin stripe platform signs go back to 1975, although it wasn't until the 1980's that it was changed to blue. They hung a platform sign for engineers on each end of the canopies to tell passengers what station they were arriving at. Man, I get so excited when I see old school pictures, and I haven't felt like this since I got the photos of Amityville for not only me to expand history, but for station history for the website. I'm not just interested in Amityville, it's the entire Babylon Branch but we didn't have much on my hometown. Now we do, even though it took me six years. All thirteen stations are covered. :-D Plus I've gotten involved in many construction projects in the forum.

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