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  by ErnieM
A fellow Long Islander now living in Nebraska caught these coming out of the Kawasaki plant and posted this on Facebook:
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  by Patch Hog
This picture wasn't taken in Nebraska.
The car bodies are made there and shipped to Yonkers without the trucks and wheel sets.

And these particular cars were pilot cars built in Japan. They've never been in Nebraska.
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  by ErnieM
Well how about that, someone posted incorrect information on the interwebs!

Thank you for the correction.
  by BuddR32
You can see the LIRR employees and third rail. No contact shoes however, must be day of delivery.
  by Liquidcamphor
Where was this photo taken?
  by DutchRailnut
the M-9's ARE build in Nebraska even the car bodies, yonkers only does warranty works , the Kawasaki plant has a test track with third rail.
yes picture shows pre production cars made in Japan .
  by BuddR32
Photo was taken in Jamaica on the day they were received at Fresh Pond, enroute to Hillside. Credit Paul Pesante