• From the desk of Phillip Eng -- President MTA LIRR

  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Commuter X
From the desk of Phillip Eng
President MTA Long Island Rail Road

Now that the days are getting longer, the temperatures warmer and the sounds and smells of spring are in the air, I want to update you on some of the events of the past few months

First – I would like to thank Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature for issuing an exemption on the surcharge for all LIRR trains that begin and end at Penn Station. As you know, Penn Station is part of the new "congestion zone" and this exemption lets us hold future fare increases to a minimum.

Second - New Ticket Options
Listening to your suggestions, we are offering new ticket options starting in May --

Monthly Platinum Pass -- Unlimited rides for the calendar month. This is the current monthly pass
Monthly Gold Pass -- Unlimited rides on weekdays during the calendar month, with a 10% discount from the Platinum Pass. Weekends and holidays are excluded.
Monthly Bronze Pass -- Unlimited rides only on weekends and holidays, with a 50% discount from the Platinum Pass. Off-peak weekday rides will incur a small surcharge
Of course, we will continue to offer weekly and single ride tickets with no changes.

Third -- The LIRR's 10/10/10 guarantee
Also in May, we will be starting our 10/10/10 guarantee

* Trains will be posted, announced, and ready for boarding at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled departure
* All peak AM and PM trains will have at least 10 cars
* All trains (excluding incidents outside our control) are guaranteed to arrive at their final destination no more than 10 minutes past its scheduled arrival time

Finally – East Side Access
The East Side Access project is proceeding on schedule and will be ready for service in the year 2050.
The Helena Williams Terminal at Grand Central Station will be the most modern train station in the world offering many first-class amenities
Watch this space to purchase commemorative tickets for the first LIRR passenger train to Grand Central on January 1, 2050
Scheduled to be on-board on this inaugural trip are President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and New York Senator Chelsea Clinton
  by 452 Card
It has been officially announced that steam engines will be replacing the inefficient DE engines east of KO. All crews will be immediately retrained to handle this new initiative, and the fuel that is needed will be stored in some unknown location until space can be appropriated. With retraining comes a company scheduled "work hardening" for the senior employees who will bid on these plum jobs out east.
  by Backshophoss
This outfit needs a better Joke writer! The "joys" of 04/01. :( :P
  by Tadman
I figured something was up when I saw the ten car guarantee. That's a lot, even for a railroad as busy as LIRR. Some branch line trains just don't need ten cars.
  by BuddR32
commuterjoe wrote:Actually, I hear that the LIRR will be entirely solar powered according to the AOC press release.
We'd have it now, but we run into an issue in the tunnels.