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  by adamj023
Noticed when checking mta website that there was a police incident and ems at Forest Hills with trains bypassing westbound Kew Gardens, Forest Hills and Woodside stations and delays on other routes.

Any idea what happened? Forest Hills seems to be a troublespot with incidents frequently happening. MTA should invest in intrusion sensors where problem spots are where there is a high percentage of recurring incidents.
  by ErnieM
This morning FIOS news was reporting a fatality, unauthorized person on the track.
  by puckhead
intrusion sensors? as long as you have drunks, people high, and just plain stupid , it going to happen. think the trains run late now? 100's of false alarms from sensors will make it much worse. ps- want to pay more for your monthly to keep morons off the tracks?
  by bellstbarn
The headlines ordinarily read, "Train kills person on tracks," as if the train suddenly sought out a victim and killed him. Long ago, when I authored a blog analyzing and categorizing deaths on the LIRR, I wrote that a certain trespasser had "gotten himself killed" by walking across the tracks in West Islip near the pedestrian overpass. A relative sent a comment berating me for awkward grammar. Even though I believed he had gotten himself killed (as opposed to the train killing him), I quit and deleted the entire blog.
My reasoning? The offended person should call the shots. In high school I joined classmates in often taunting a classmate about his nose. Years later, he explained that he wanted no contact with his classmates at all, ever, so hurt was he. I should have learned that the target has a right to call the shots. It civil, human, and right to concede. The poor guy near Forest Hills is still dead, no matter how I use subject and predicate.
By the time I deleted that blog, I learned that LIRR deaths predominated in Nassau/Suffolk over Queens/Brooklyn, but that deaths on trestles and protected areas outnumbered deaths near level street crossings. The labeling system on blogspot or blogger or wordpress allows for easy counting of types of incidents.
  by nyandw
I'll concur with the other posters: "...MTA should invest in intrusion sensors..." NO. Just throw more money (we pay for) to stop the stupidity of some humans to get themselves killed. Ban, spring boards at pools, playground apparatus, smoking in a park, letting your kid ride a bike without a helmet, etc. Oops, sorry already been done. The reality of spending millions to save one poor dumb soul, doesn't match the reality of what the benefit and cost to society is.
  by LB
Based on the amount of graffiti along the LIRR, the trespassing problem seems enormous and constant. It didn't take long for the new Ellis Ave bridge in Westbury to get tattooed. I thought everyone stayed home and played on electronic devices?