• Rockaway Beach Line Reactivation One-Seat Ride to JFK

  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Liquidcamphor
If the LI was to reinstate service on that branch, would they have to repurchase it from the TA? Or would they lease it?
  by workextra
LC, that’s an interesting facet it self.
I do recall reading the entire line from the Rockaways to White Pot was sold to the city at that time just before the LIRR was owned by the state.
Now being owned by the state and operates by the same entity responsible for operating NYCT, I do wonder if they would have to Deed the line back to LIRR or just rebuild it let LIRR run on it.

Either way, I support LIRR re claiming this line. Fact is, regardless of the politics, and the trail lovers.
The rockaways have changed since they petitioned for NYCT to run the line in the 60s
Lirr could provide better and faster service even with PTC direct into both Brooklyn and 2 New York terminals.
The loop must be also be replaced making (A) Mott Avenue. Into (LIRR) Far Rockaway

This gives like a new badly needed motor yard in Rockaway Park, and provides for operational versatility that seems to be a long lost word in LIRR operations.

Also the LIRR Rockaway Beach Beach traverses a north south section of Queens that’s starved without any rail transportation
Connections to the A
Could still be made, and most importantly, once the neighborhood sees the pros out weigh the cons they will slowly silence themselves over the tree hugging.
  by Jeff Smith
LC, I couldn't find the full link, but I'm sure it's back in the thread somewhere. At one point, RPA proposed reactivating the line rather than turning it into a Queens "High Line" linear park/rail trail. It was to run from the beginning of the abandoned section, across to the Hell Gate bridge, then across the old Morris freight connection to Mott Haven and Yankee stadium. Way too ambitious. However, it should most definitely be reactivated for LIRR service. Not sure if the active NYCT portion should be included, or how long that conversion would take, or what obstacles there are to it. Both are DC third rail, over running, not sure if there's a voltage difference. Is there sufficient yard space out on Rockaway? Signals would definitely have to change.

http://www.rpa.org/article/five-ways-to ... ide-to-jfk" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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  by Jeff Smith
https://theislandnow.com/opinions-100/r ... g-studies/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
...What ever happened to the feasibility study for restoration of LIRR service on the old Rockaway Beach line in Queens? The original completion date was June 2017. It was subsequently delayed until December 2017 and again to June 2018. Another nine months have come and gone with draft and final reports yet to have been made public. The MTA will not even commit to a new schedule and date for release of the study. Continued delay in release of the study could imply that both feasibility and costs have been found to be prohibitive. The estimated costs have already grown from $600 million to $1 billion over recent years...
  by EuroStar
Of course the costs have grown. The project is comparable in scope with the Third Mainline Track. The line is shorter, but they need to rebuild two tracks instead of building one new one. Most of the bridges will require full replacement and in all likelihood the residential neighbours will demand full height sound walls on both sides. Without even a study, I will estimate the cost to be about the same as the Third Mainline Track, so $2billion or so. The only way the Rockaway Beach Line gets reactivated is if Andrew "The Kind" Cuomo decided that it needs to be reactivated. If he is opposed to it (or indifferent) it will not happen during his governorship.
  by DogBert
Cuomo is an anti-rail car guy, so I don't see this project happening anytime soon. Under his watch, upstate tourist lines are being converted to barely-used trails. The TappanZee was replaced without any option for future rail service. Eventually the trail nuts will get their hands on this route as well.
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