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  by BuddR32
nyandw wrote: Thu Sep 19, 2019 10:13 pm What is a diesel train doing operating on the electrified Port Washington branch? View is NE towards the Flushing River. Note the former W&J Sloan Furniture Co. tower with U-Haul sign and Flushing EL with #7 train operating along Roosevelt Ave. bridge.?

Perhaps it is very early in the usage/testing cycle. Prior to actual use on the PJ Branch?

The photo is at Shea Yard/Mets-Willets Point/World's Fair or whetever you want to call it. After the fair, the additional tracks were outfitted for mods and testing of the M1s. Subsequently used for the same on the M2, M3, C1/FL9A. It sat dormant for about 20 years and is now used for EIC cleaning.
  by Backshophoss
With the M-1 style coupler,the C-1's were always added/dropped as pair,believe IP ran their C-1's as a pair,leaving the drawbar between
the pair alone.

Shea/Willis pt was close to Jamaica,the "brass" could always "sneak" over to see how the testing was going.
  by Nasadowsk
Ok, my gut feeling says the M-1s style coupler isn't as strong as a regular one, but I've never seen anything to confirm/deny that - were there any handling restrictions or misadventures with the C1s? (I mean misadventures with the couplers - it seemed that nothing else ever worked well on those things either!)
  by Backshophoss
IP is selling off some of their passenger cars,a bunch of C-1's are available(as pairs)
Check out the Ozark Mtn Railcar site.
LIRR should grab them to ease the coach shortage. :wink:
  by DutchRailnut
let me explain this to slow learners a C1 is not compatible with the C-3. and other than coupler and 480 HEP, no other equipment is compatible with C-1's , as in no Engines.
  by DutchRailnut
The C-1 's were build with 32 volt components , same as M-1 and M-3 . it went to a translator/converter box on the FL-9ac's
the C-3 is 64 volt equipment.

Iowa Pacific did not use door or communications circuits , just couplers and lights/hvac.
  by Backshophoss
If a DE can work with the MARC cars,a DE can work with the C-1's just fix the MU trainline and use a stored MP-15 as a cab car
Don't bother with the Door Comm trainline use them on the Greenport scoots!
It'sa quick/dirty fix for some of the coach shortage problems!
  by DutchRailnut
The MARC cars are 64 volt , not 32 volt and Door circuits and Com signals are a FRA requirement.
  by Tadman
I came to this thread with the same question - what happens to the C1's now that the IP fire sale is happening. They really are a loner piece of equipment and would be hard to use with anything else.

At this point, the only real possibilities are a stand-alone service where compatibility is not critical, a pilot service where feasibility has to be shown, or a complete strip-down where basically only the shell and trucks are left.

None of the above are cheap or easy.
  by newkirk
From nine years ago.
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  by 452 Card
If the air brake system works, who cares about car-mounted ancillaries. The doors can be operated manually. These units will NEVER be in service for what they were designed for, which was a test train for the C3 fleet. Any trainline control has to be specific to these cars, and that is expensive in the world they are in now.
  by Crabman1130
Why would we want to buy these old cars back? Wouldn't it make sense to order new equipment?
  by andrewjw
Crabman1130 wrote: Sun Sep 29, 2019 7:48 pm Why would we want to buy these old cars back? Wouldn't it make sense to order new equipment?
If you want to provide reliable service with compatible, repairable equipment at a reasonable cost, then emphatically yes, it would make sense to order new equipment. Enthusiasm for a return of the C-1s is not based in a fact-based alternatives. They are unreliable, outdated, incompatible, and even more of an orphan fleet than the C-3s.
  by Backshophoss
Currently there's no timeline on the 3-party order of BBD MLV-II clones(MN,ConnDOT,and LIRR)
The C-1's could be a "Quick and Dirty" way to relive a little of the Coach Crunch during the summer months untill the C-5's show up!