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  by eolesen
Rumor floating about is that as of today, ATS is no longer in service on the UP-N and UP-NW lines.
  by qboy
It's not a rumor it is true ATS will be removed from service 1100 central time for both Harvard and Kenosha Subs per Sub Division General Order.
  by Anthony
Is PTC replacing it?
  by qboy
Yep it already had replaced it. It's just now when PTC goes down you will get block in advance of movement. Just like under the rules for ATC and ATS.
  by eolesen
  by Engineer Spike
To answer a question, the F40 fleet of Metra have a complicated cab signal system. There is a key switch to change them from Northwestern, Burlington, Rock, and I’m not sure if Milwaukee had cab signals. That key also is used to set up ATS.
  by ExCon90
I never realized there were that many different cab-signal systems in the Chicago area. Were the differences in track coding, or number of indications, or something else?