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  by wilmette2008
Found out that the ticket office at Ogilvie now closes at 11:00 at night instead of at 12:40 when the final UP west line train leaves. Not sure if the Ventrure app has anything to do with that?
  by eolesen
Unlikely the Venture app, but it might be due to the Ventra app. ;)

Seriously, with more and more people using the app and kiosks also available at Olgilvie, there's less and less reason to keep an agent making $15 to $30/hour to man a ticket window.

My guess is there were a couple retirements or resignations in December, and the railroad opted to cut back the hours of operation vs. hiring replacements.
  by HammerJack
Slightly off-topic, but related to ticket sales. Did the One Day Pass valid for unlimited travel within two zones for a day ever get a trial run? I remember hearing about it last year around summer time, but it was 'at a later point this year' (2018).
  by eolesen
I don't believe so. It's not an option right now.
  by eolesen
I've said it multiple times --- the union apparently has provided job and location protection for current employees, but as individual ticket office agents (outside Ogilvie) retire or quit, they won't be replaced, and the offices will close.
  by Gilbert B Norman
The abolishment of the Clarendon Hills agency, is just one more "nail in the coffin" turning BNSF from "the Tiffany" into an experience best described as "vile".

I'm "not into loading up" my phone with a bunch of apps (and 75% of those that came pre-loaded have never been touched), so I'm back to paying cash on board inbound - and "standing in line" at CUS for my Return.

On my return from MIA on "Vortex Tuesday", taking my "poor man's way from O'Hare" (Senior; $4.25 each way), it was about a 45min layover at CUS. I sat down in the Headhouse (whoops; Great Hall in Amtrakese), and was promptly ran out by some Amtrak "goons". "Amtrak passengers only, Sir". So it was stand in the half frigid "Concourse" until the BNSF opened the train.
  by ryanch
Would they consider selling tickets to the coffee shops, where such exist?

I'm not clear whether Evanston Davis closed, or whether the attendant just missed a day or two. It seems like the coffeeshop could fill the gap.
  by wilmette2008
Not sure if the collective bargaining agreement would allow that, and Evanston Davis is still staffed.
  by ExCon90
According to some of the posts on here, the coffee shop employees might have to wear safety vests ...