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  by njtmnrrbuff
Likely a pipe dream, but LaPorte would probably be a spur route, similar to the West Lake Line. LaPorte is a little off the beaten path in relation to the existing South Shore Line.
  by justalurker66
Add one stop 12 miles away? West Lake will add several stations and add trains. Once the other projects are complete the Gary turn will move to Miller (storage east of the new station) and Michigan City will build a combined station downtown. The only passengers east of 11th St will be going to Hudson Lake and South Bend. Diverting a train headed for the yard down the branch to LaPorte would be possible - but probably not cost effective.

Here is a nice update and writeup about both major projects ...
https://laportecounty.life/article/nict ... -projects/
  by Tadman
I forgot they have that awful idea to completely move US12 and the main line. Amazing what you can do with free money. There is plenty of room for anything there, but I'm sure someone got paid $2m to do a study and decided for only $40m they could move entire highways. And now they do it.