Metrolink 681 Incident 22-Nov-2019

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Re: Metrolink 681 Incident 22-Nov-2019

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True--but what's the minimum time on US 101? (And is there a lull anymore between the AM and PM rush hours?) I've seen commuters dozing on Metrolink who couldn't be doing that on the freeway. And I think there are plenty of outlets for laptops on Metrolink. I remember seeing, back when the Ventura County service was near to opening, a full-page ad from a developer of townhouses in Moorpark touting that by the time the buildings were finished there would be train service to LA within walking distance of the property.

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Re: Metrolink 681 Incident 22-Nov-2019

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My reply was mainly to Tadman about the low passenger counts. I don't think the driving time is relevant — the point is that not many people live in Oxnard to commute to downtown LA.
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Re: Metrolink 681 Incident 22-Nov-2019

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Makes more sense, thanks.
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