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  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by Gadfly
Well, did anyone else make it to the Spencer Rail Days and the NS picnic for NS employees/retirees? I usually look forward to this and and I had a nice time. Mr Moorman was there, and I must say he is the first "boss", not to mention CEO, that I ever didnt' feel nervous around! Or maybe its because I AM retired and have nothing to lose? :-D Still, all that aside, I have to say, he is the first CEO that has been so visible and even approachable. I worked for over 25 years without EVER seeing a CEO, and "Wick" Moorman just seems to be quite a nice gentleman. Has any of that "rubbed off" or affected the working atmosphere that has prevailed on NS for the better, or it STILL the gruff "I'm looking to fire you" environment that I remember? I DO remember working with Mr Moorman when he was a track supervisor and talking to him on the phone while filling orders ("pick" lists) many years ago, never dreaming I would see him become Numero Uno at NS :-D Saturday he was out in the hot sun greeting every employee as they entered the tent (I wonder if anyone DARED to remind him of "THE SUMMER SPIKE" that NS talks about every year in their safety program?) Anyway there was LOTS of hamburgers, hotdogs and door prizes (NS promo stuff--hats, tote bags, luggage, etc) :P

There were exhibits;the lining bar "gang" showing people how track alignment was done prior to machinery, rerailing demos, plenty of train rides (behind F-7 6133 and E8 6900--BOTH of whom I worked with as a Line of Road clerk and agent), and I bought a beautiful painting of the Southern Crescent by Robert West who autographed it for me. The SR Green and Gold E8s are just outstandingly beautiful, and it is begging for a nice Oak frame out of my hobby shop. It will go to my daughter whom I hope will remember her ol' Dad when I'm gone when she looks at that painting. There's lots of memories of those E8 engines arriving at Charlotte on Southern #1 and #2 as I loaded baggage on 'em. GOSH, those winter winds were COLD! :-D I hadn't realized WHO this artist was because I had routinely bought Christmas cards with the Southern engines on them; HE did them! I just thought it was neat to meet the REAL artist! So if you are ever passing thru Salisbury, NC, stop and spend some time at the NC Transportation Museum. You won't be disappointed!