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  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by Big Bri
Nice! And look at the LSL Light on on the NS 5312(x8129)!!!

  by Big Bri
Sun. April 19,2009
Caught the Southbound H&K Stone Train at Prospect Park Sta.
(NS-68T) Amtk #1 trk 12:09am
NS 9225 Dash-9W
NS 9153 Dash-9W

62 x 0 = 62 (H&K Stone)
8,344 tons
260 axles

  by Big Bri
Mon. April 20,2009
I caught the "Northbound" NS local H-86 running on short time to get back to Abrams Yard
as it hammered by me at Prospect Park Sta. this morning.
(H-86) Amtk. #1 trk 5:03am
NS 9756 C40-9W
NS 2514 SD-70

68 Cars
284 axles

  by Big Bri
Tues. April 21,2009
Sometimes you're the Fly! And sometimes you're the Windshield..........LOL
Looks like I missed a 501 coming up Amtrak, but did HEAR it go by me at Ridley Park.Since I know what it had
I'll post it hear.
(NS-501) 4:21am
NS 9269 Dash-9W
NS 2659 SD-70M-2

70 mty Hopps

Oh well,maybe next time...............

  by Big Bri
Sun. April 26,2009
Still nothing quite like seeing freight Under The Wires!
NS-68T by me only 600ft. from my home here in Ridley Park,Pa.
(NS-68T) Amtk.#4 trk 10:09pm
NS 9225 Dash-9W
NS 9153 Dash-9W

60 x 0 = 60 (H&K Stone)
252 axles
8,056 tons

  by Big Bri
Wed. April 29,2009
Are you guys ready for THIS!!!
THREE NS freights by me at Prospect Park Sta. in HALF-n-HOUR!!!! Plus a TWO way meet!!
So here we go:
1.(NS-84R) Amtk #2 trk 3:31am
NS 9748 C40-9W
NS 9499 C40-9W
NS 2606 SD-70M (dead)
NS 2578 SD-70 "HH"

95 x 0 = 95 (Edgemoor Coal)
(89 Top Gons/6 CR "Bathtubs")
404 axles
13,545 Tons
TWO way meet;
2.(NS-68T) Amtk #2 trk 3:54am
NS 9225 Dash-9W
NS 9153 Dash-9W

62 x 0 = 62 (H&K Stone)
260 axles
8,342 Tons
3.(NS-501) Amtk #1 trk 3:54am
NS 9921 C40-9W
NS 9406 C40-9W
NS 5416 SD-50 (x6727) "CRQ Blue"

0 x 114 = 114 (mty Hoppers:Top Gons)
474 axles
3,305 Tons


  by Big Bri
Sat. May 2,2009
A trio of NS units on this mornings 501 by me at Prospect Park Sta. And easily making 40mph on Amtrak!
(NS-501) Amtk. #1 trk 4:52am
NS 9444 Dash-9W
NS 2767 SD-70M-2(Dead)
NS 9196 Dash-9W

0 x 113 = 113 (mty Hopps:Top Gons)
3,266 tons
470 axles
5,832 feet

  by Big Bri
Sun. May 3,2009
A SINGLE xCR C40-8W did the honors a little past Midnight on the NS-569 by Prospect Park Sta.
Even though she's now in the "Horse Head" scheme it was still quite the sight and sound!
(NS-569) Amtk. #1 trk 12:09am
NS 8381 C40-8W(x6166) "HH"

0 x 95 = 95 (mty Hopps){Top Gons & CR Bathtubs}
2,711 tons
386 axles

  by Big Bri
Tues. May 19,2009
Well,it took long enough to finally catch some NS trains Under The Wires! Sorry guys,I missed 3 Hopper trains
in the last 2 weeks as NS was in "Stealth" mode and slipped by me. LOL
So instead of catching just one train,I was rewarded with 2 freights within' 20 minutes of one another!
Prospect Park Sta.(NEC)
1.(H-86) Amtk. #1 trk 2:48am
NS 2658 SD-70M-2
NS 8416 C40-8W(x6225) "HH" scheme
NS 5310 GP-38-2(x8127) "HH" scheme {Dead In Tow}

32 Cars
144 axles
2.(NS-501) Amtk. #1 trk 3:03am
NS 9179 C40-9W
NS 9493 C40-9W

0 x 115 = 115 (mty Hopps{Top Gons})
3,323 Tons
472 axles
5,855 feet

  by Big Bri
Fri. May 22,2009
In 9 more days it will be 10 Years(a Decade)since "Big Blue" ceased to exist as a Class 1 railroad.
And yet you can still get a "CRQ" Blue unit leading a train.Especially for me seeing a CR Blue unit "Under The Wires" on
Amtrak's NEC!!
Prospect Park Sta.
(NS-501) Amtk. #1 trk. 3:49am
NS 6725 SD-60I (x5590) "CRQ"
NS 7679 GEVO

0 x 115 = 115 (mty Hopps{Top Gons})
3,339 tons
472 axles
5,852 feet

  by oaksmodelrr
Just heard CETC give 68T the signal at Phil about 9:55 this morning.
  by Big Bri
DAMN! A Daylight freight "Under The Wires"!!!!!!!Too bad I was at work and missed it..........

  by Big Bri
Sun. June 7,2009
An "Elephant Style" NS-501 by me this morning at Prospect Park Sta.
(NS-501) Amtk. #1 trk. 3:37am
NS 9581 C40-9W
NS 9179 C40-9W "D.I.T"

0 x 69 = 69 (mty Hopps)
2,007 tons
288 axles
3,565 feet

  by wilwel1024
What freights am I likely to see on the NEC between Baltimore and Washington?
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