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Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.

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  by jaymac
0310-0505/03-11-2020 mighta been >2 hours, but it had its moments. There were a coupla Chaneels 1 and 2 static eruptions , 0338 producing some D-3 hash to AY-6 involving San-Vel. 0541 was when the 333 WLs were dark, followed by Stop for the 334 ELs and darkness for the 1 stagger. Following some Yard Channel garble, the 335s were dark. In other darkness news, the slope lights for the Mount Wachusett ski area were off, another sign of seasonal shift.
Up Da Hill, there was darkness on the 345s, MTness in the yard, and no access for drive-through services at The Shrine. The EB drive was quiet until 0402 and some D-3 garble to somebody, followed at 0404 by "Here we go."
At 0404, the 333 WLs remained dark, followed at 0409 by some Yard Channel garble. Further east, the the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear and the 330 WLs and ELs at Stop, the ELs having been checked in case there might be a "Here-we-go"-related WB coming on 1.
At 0414, there had been a "3 more," followed at 0416 by "We do have a Slow Approach whenever you're ready to pull ahead." At 0421, things got puzzling when either A-33 or 833 with ST 350 called out to D-3. Dunno if FI-2 got rebranded or if the other ID is a crew ID. The GL and FG WLs had been dark, but the aforementioned NewBlue 350 was in back of the Daewoo dealership on the west end of covered hoppers at 0421, the FI-1/2 parking spot being predictably MT. The whoever-they-were reached out to D-3 saying they might need the Slow Approach back, D-3 requesting they advise when it was no longer needed.
At 0426, the EB staggers for Derby were dark, and at 0434, just "AY-6" got heard. What went unheard -- the usual cautions in effect -- was anything to, from, or, about AY-3, AY-4, AY-5, AYPO, or Q427, the 1 exception to be seen shortly.
Driving up Thomas Street from Oakdale, covered hoppers got seen -- slow-moving WB covered hoppers. Would I get to the "good" side of the Temple Street/Rte. 140/MP X7.8 crossing in time? Nope -- the gates were already down before the talker came on at 0446. CSXTs 979 and 3359 plus 118 cars later, the talker gave a no defects and transmission over at 0446. There were a coupla blocks of trash/recycling COFC presumably outta the old auto yard, a number of blocks of LPGS, some other placarded and unplacarded tanks, the covered hoppers (including some non-Ciment-Québec-branded shorties), boxes that were heavy with FBOXs and RBOXs plus -- grouped -- 2 Smurf and 1 Big G. There were also a few high-sided Brand X tubs and only 1 MT centerbeam. Never heard a Form D fulfillment during the quiet balance of the trip. More importantly, never heard -- as of 0555 -- any crossing noise that might be for Burncoat or New Bond, despite a strong west wind. so guessing a either a tiedown or recrew might in in progress.
  by johnhenry
In reference to the Gardner yard being empty lately, a southbound P&W train with 63 auto-racks (no other freight) passed Barbers in Worcester this evening at 1820.
  by jaymac
0315-0500/03-13-2020 was another <2-hour trip, and mebbe it was just the effects of triskedekaphobia, but while there would be static spurts throughout the trip, there was naught attributable heard to, from, or about FI-2, AY-3, AY-4, AY-6, AYPO, or Q426/7.
At 0346, the 333 WLs were all at Stop with naught visible either E or W. A minute later, somebody unattributable said, "I'll tie it down here," naught further immediately heard, and at 0348, the 333 WLs went dark. EB? WB? Dunno.
The 334 ELs would be at Stop and the 334 1 stagger and 335s dark, as usual. On the way up Da Hill and courtesy of Mount Wachusett came D-3 garble to AY-5 about racks on Freight Main East, more about which later.
Up Da Hill was 1 big Sameoldsameold Ledger entry -- dark 345s, MT yard, and no drive-through access to The Shrine Of The Deity Of The CPF-345 Dunks. As johnhenry pointed out in his 2216/03-11, there is traffic to and from the PW, but it's just not there when I am. Oh -- for those still wondering, the crumpled buckets, weight bags, and fencing panels are still bracketing the southerly Heywood.
The EB trip had D-? garble at 0408 followed at 0412 by "All I'm getting is static," a pause, and then "POED, can you hear me?" Nothing further on that topic would be heard, at least by me. Normally, I would be triggered into Rant Mode by communications "issues," but as more mortal crises multiply, I'm trying to think happy thoughts.
At 0414, the 333 WLs were dark, and further east, the 330.8 WBs were at Clear and the 330 WLs at Stop. In between the dark GL and FG WLs and at 0422, D-3 and AY-5 engaged in a convo -- There were no cars on Freight Main East, AY-5 was gonna take lunch, and could D-3 confer with the Chief about further developments, a cab being among them. Any further developments were -- also -- unheard by me, but at 0426, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT. FI-2 being among the unheard, I started wondering if AY-5 was using FI-1/2's power. Whatever was happening, there was no power visible from Summer and North Streets.
At 0433, the EB staggers for Derby were dark, and the balance of the trip had only occasional garble. The Rtes. 12/140 UGB was MT, as well.
  by jaymac
0315-0505/03-16-2020 was yet again a <2-hour trip for yet again the same reason -- the changed operational pattern.
There was a 0315 serving of hash, followed in a couple by D-3 asking AY-3 if they were ready for their runaround at 312, followed by yet another serving of hash, that followed at 0327 by D-3 advising AY-3 he couldn't get a signal, that followed by a 0329 241 to AY-3 with the 7575 for the Single west to 2 at 312. Naught further would be heard to, from, or about AY-3.
More hash would follow, followed by a D-3 call to C&S 907, not for 312, but with permission to foul the #2 and East Wye within the limits of CPF-AY and until called. Folks with more sense than I have can apply their own senses of irony to the wrinkle that D-3 would have to repeat the foul-time deets a total of 3 times to a C&S truck.
0332 would bring the fulfillment of Form D G308 to Q426 with the CSXT 824, they having called west and clear of X25.
At 0339, there would be either Yard Channel or Mount Wachusett D-3 hash, followed at 0341 by the D-3 side of a marginally clearer exchange with AYPO, advising that "they" -- Q426? -- would be meeting them -- AYPO -- at the east end of the yard. Now things got puzzling. Evidently there was a question about how long the AYPO crew was good to -- 0400 being the eventual answer -- and whether -- whatever their location was -- a recrew or tiedown would take place. Never heard a resolution and -- despite a garbled D-3 call to Q427 at 0346 -- never heard a Form D for 427, the usual cautions applying.
At 0348, the 333 WLs were dark, followed by the usual Stops for the 334 ELs and darkness for the 334 1 stagger and 335s.
The WB trip up Da Hill was quiet and the 345s dark. At 0403 and when I was across from West Switch, there was a both-sides-intelligible D-3/ C&S 907 exchange, giving up the foul time. Mebbe -- but only mebbe -- 907 had moved further west or otherwise gained some altitude, but to hear him from 30+/- miles away with intervening unfavorable topography did seem amazing, especially given their earlier trouble. In non-propagation news, the westerly half of Yard 4 had general, mostly covered hoppers, and The Shrine Of The Deity Of The CPF-345 Dunks is still not conducting drive-through services.
OT, but until the fabled covid curve flattens to 0 on the 𝑦 slope, I won't be conducting even walk-in services (edit -- shoulda keyboarded "axis," not "slope"). Why? At 77, I just don't feel that lucky. Sgt. Phil from Hill Street Blues. had good advice for us all -- "Be real careful out there."
The EB leg of the trip would be eerily quiet, and the 333 WLs dark at 0415. Further east and post refueling stop (yes, hand sanitizer was used), the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear, and the 330 WLs and ELs all at Stop. The GL and FG WLs were dark, and dark, solo and west-facing KCIR 5958 was in the FI-1/2 parking spot at 0436, 0441 being when -- account hyperactivity in the RVJ lot -- the EB staggers for Derby were dark from Nashua Street.
At 0444, there would be a temporarily intelligible exchange between D-3 and -- wait for it -- AY-4 that devolved into garble, a clear"waters" emerging. AY-5, EDPO, and POED would be among the unheard to, from, or about.
The rest of the trip would be quiet, except for some Boston West garble, followed at 0505 by "Thank you. Boston West out."
  by jaymac
0315-0500/03-18-2020's recommended mood music is "Strange Days" by The Doors, the least reason being that it was another link in the chain of <2-hour trips.
At 0317, the D-3 side of a convo with AE-23 began, asking how many cars they had and rogering their response. A minute later, D-3 reached out to Q426, and to wrap up those guys. there would be another D-3 reachout to 426 at 0331. Not only were there no immediate developments from those 2 shoutouts, but there was naught -- usual caveats in force -- further heard to, from, or about 426 or 427 for the balance of the trip. AY-4, AY-5, and -- possibly -- AYPO were also in the same category, although AE-23 mighta been an alias for 1 of those locals. AY-3? At 0330, D-3 had asked them if they wanted East or West Wye, hedzupping them that AE-23 was on the Camp. And if you've guessed that naught further would be heard to, from, or about AY-3, you're right.
At 0346, the 333 WLs were dark, as would be the 334 1 stagger and 335s, the 334 ELs being at Stop. At 0349, there was a mutually garbled D-3/AE-23 exchange, then at 0350 a clear but unattributable exchange that went "A cab?" and "There's a company vehicle down by the pad if you need it."
0352 brought a D-3/POED exchange about AE-23 leaving the Camp, 11 Deerfields, and FG, followed by a 0357 partial "...pin, POED."
Up Da Hill, the 345s were dark, and there were a covered hopper and box on Yard 2 by the hardware store and still no drivethrough capability at The Shrine.
The start of the EB leg was quiet, and the 333 WLs were dark at 0416. Further east, the 330.8 WBs were at Clear, and maintaining that motif, the steeple lights for the First Parish Unitarian Church were green, presumably for 03-17 ecumenicism.
The 330 WLs and ELs and the GL WLs were all at Stop, no markers or headlights to be seen.
The FG WLs were also at Stop, west-facing KCIRs 7655 and 7727 holding elephant-style just clear of the WLs on 1 on the UGB at 0427. At 0429, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT, but there were lit number boards further east on West Side. At 0433, the players would ID themselves when AE-23 and POED convoed. AE-23 would bring their cars to POED which was west of FG. If this seems a little tight for 400, there is no 400, Saturday scheduling in effect for however long and 1400 not due outta Fitchburg on 1 until 0638.
At 0435, the EB staggers for Derby were dark, and things were quiet except for some D-3-and-others garble at 0441 involving "lights," "FG," and "headpin." There would also be garble at 0448, mebbe "AYPO" or equally mebbe "EDPO."
  by jaymac
0315-0525/03-20-2020 was -- yes -- a trip longer than 2 hours. Things were MT of intelligibility until 0331when the D-3 side of a convo with Q426 and the CSXT 3250 began, they being east and clear of MP X25. The fulfillment deets, however, got stepped on by Yard Channel activity. The Q427 train info -- 49x50, 6537', and hazmat locations, however, were clear. Tonnage? If that deet got spoken, I didn't hear it. 0334 was the time effective for Q427 with the CSXT 3424 for MP X25 to Burncoat, a request for entry to DCS being given, that being 0535, followed be the D-3 repetition of a recrew at Pine Hill Road, and a request for a call from them. To keep the 427 news in 1 spot, 0411 would be when D-3 got the IDs and time(s) on duty for the new crew, saying he'd talk to them when they were off the property. Crossing noise? 0553, presumably for Temple Street Street/Rte. 140/MP X7.8 and 0559 for Shrewsbury Street/MP X6.0, but fog and rain aren't the best propagators of sound, but equally mebbe 0620 for New Bond.
In the meantime, there had been a D-3 partial to AY-3 advising that he had POED coming up, followed at 0339 by, just "AY-5," that followed by permission to reverse direction from where they stood west to garbled. 0341 would bring more D-3 garble to AY-3 that would clear to they'd be a while cuz POED was going through Graniteville, some hash about D-2, followed by D-3 saying he'd get back to them. At 0346, there was more Yard Channel stepping-on, followed by "the Milling."
At 0349, the 333 WLs were dark, the usual pattern of the 334 ELs at Stop and the 1 stagger dark did hold, but at 0355, the 335 ELs were at Stop and the 335 Single WL at Clear. The west would get bright, and a presumed and later-confirmed EDPO with KCIRs 7626, 7534, and 7???? plus 39 were east at 0404. There were boxes, tanks, a single wrapped centerbeam, and a goodly number of centerbeam MTs. The ID on the 3rd unit? Rain and fog are also not the best propagators of visual propagation. For those keeping track, the tie-handler was still in the 335 lot, although presumably no longer frozen into the ground.
0405 brought the just-like-the-old-days sounds of "AY-4, on the pin." Just like the old days, AY-4 would be an intermittent constant throughout the balance of the trip.
At 0414, there was a garbled 312 241 to POED, things a bit clearer when D-3 added that they'd be working Gardner, deets later. The 345s were dark, but the yard -- just like the old days -- was crammed -- MT racks on Yard 4, racks and general -- including at least 2 ARMNs -- on 2, and general on 1 and onto the Extension, including an MT articulated COFC table. The sole entry in the Sameoldsameold Ledger was the lack of Dunks drivethroughability.
On the EB leg of the trip, D-3 called out again to AY-3 -- 7575 the power -- at 0423 and gave a broken 241 for 312. Just like the old days, a frequent Yard Channel garble would next begin, and at 0432, the 333 WLs were dark. At 0437, AE-23 would advise D-3 that they were 0x30, the E had stepped into the office, but they were otherwise ready. Further east, the the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear and the 330 WLs both at Stop, the GL WLs were dark, but the 330 2 (edited for poor proofing) WL was Clear.
The FG WLs were dark, and dark KCIR 7627 was sitting on the westerly end of racks on Freight Main West at 0445 and blocking the view of the FI-1/2 parking spot.
Because of activity in the RVJ lot, the 0451 viewing of the EB staggers for Derby was made from Nashua Street -- Approach for 1 and Stop for 2. The Stop wasn't for EDPO, but for -- you guessed it -- POED, which was west and clear of the staggers at 0453, the same time as AYPO was told to take it ahead. Things would now get very radioactive. D-3 told POED with the 7552 that ED-9 -- the alias for AE-23 --was sitting on Freight Main West and the ED-9 racks were to go west. The original plan was for ED-9 to shove their racks onto POED. To add to activity, AY-3 kept on trying to contact D-3, while wrinkles in the plan -- POED having 4 units and 44 cars and Keolis making its 0630 Saturday-schedule demand on trackage (those last few my phrasing) and others led to a possible shift from FG for the fancy-dancing to 330. The last that I heard on that subject was that a POED/ED-9-AKA-AE-23 job briefing was to take place. The post-job-briefing plan would be among my naught-heards, even after a garbled 0518 D-3 call to both job-briefers.
As mentioned, AY-4 would be active, but unlike the old days, it chorus mate wouldn't be 22K, but AYPO who got the last words -- "good for 8" -- at 0525.
  by jaymac
0325-0525/02-23-2020 was >2 hours and >busy, starting at 0315 with "AYPO" then garble, an omen -- as will be seen -- for the Hill Yard. There would be spates of Yard Channel garble, 0337 offering a heaping helping of mutual hash between Q427 and D-3, "recrew" being clear. Quickly, there would be more garble to somebody, AY-4 and AY-5 not being able to move in the yard being the clarity. 0341 would bring another lost-to-me D-3/327 exchange followed by D-3 stating something to AY-3.
Things would be clear at 0347: Not only were the 333 WLs clearly dark, but D-3 would also clearly acknowledge that AY-3 had lined and locked things at the Milling, giving an OK on signal indication at 312.
If you guessed that the 333 WLs would be at Stop and the 334 1 stagger and 335s would be dark, then you've guessed right. If you guessed that there would be a Single-west-to-2-at-312 241 (to the 7575 at 0458), then again you've guessed right. If, however, you guessed that 0400 would be when the 346.6 would give a no defects, 316 axles, 20°, and 5319' at 0400, then you should put your talents and skills to optimal use. The 345 ELs and WLs were at Stop, and the Pearson Boulevard ramp to the Jade lot was taken in time to see NSs 7326, 3048, and 1125 go dim and come to a stop on 1 for what looked like a lower-lot recrew. What was in back? Racks, racks that ran west of the Wilkins Road dogleg, but not far enough west to have the marker visible from the Garlock lot. Those of a certain age may remember the slogan "There's a Ford in Your Future." Such would seem the case today. A trip back east was made, showing the 345 WLs still at Stop. The yard -- at least what would be seen through the rack gaps -- seemed MT and the EB power was still dark. Never heard anything about an ID, so dunno what to call it. The 345 ELs were also still at Stop, so if there had been a live recrew, there was no WB to keep the EB from going.
The trip EB was generally quiet, and exception being at 0428 when elevation and favorable topography allowed reception of AY-4 calling out to AYPO, changing topography permitting clarity only on "change an engine."
At 0434, the 333 WLs were dark, and at 0438, there would be garble about something "fitting in at San-Vel." Further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Clear for 1 and Stop for 2, the 330 2 WL at Clear, making it look like the EB racks might be run ahead of the 1400.
The GL and FG WLs were dark, and the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT at 0445, the same time that D-3 OKed AY-3 on signal indication, advising that AYPO was gonna wye its power and that their train was in emergency, following up at 0454 and post-refueling-stop with the words to AY-3 that the East Wye was clear. At 0445, the EB staggers for Derby were dark, intermittent hash continuing to provide not-so-easy listening. 0500 would bring another OK on signal indication, this to AY-2 and followed by a question about whether they'd be putting up on the Shop Track, that answer unheard by me.
0509 was when D-3 renewed contact with 427, getting the new crew's info and asking if they were still blocked by AYPO. The response was unheard, but they probably were cuz D-3 asked for them to let him know what they found.
0518 was when D-3 again OKed AY-3 on signal indication, the last words coming at 0525 with yet more has from both D-3 and 427.
Things were busy -- racks going east (mebbe) from Gardner and all AY locals on the air except for -1 and -6. But sometimes and as AYPO and Q427 demonstrated, busyness and productivity aren't always the same.
  by jaymac
Given that the Commonwealth's stay-at-home advisory goes into effect at 1200/03-24-2020 and given that while transportation and logistics might have been declared essential, gawking of same hasn't been, I won't be gawking for the duration.
  by jaymac
0305-0505/06-01-2020 was a return to gawking that had some surprises, one of which was radio silence until some 0325 PW Road Channel garble. Silent running resumed, and at 0338, the 333 WLs were dark. It should be no surprise that the the 334 ELs were at Stop and the the 1 stagger dark. What was a surprise was that the previously unpaved stretch of 5th Mass. Turnpike had fairly recently been paved, assuming the few dusty tire tracks were a good indicator. The paved stretch by Authority Drive had only been patched, so first-time EB drivers should expect a still-bumpy ride.
The 335 ELs were dark, and the climb up Da Hill was quiet until 0349 when a breaking-to-me D-3 called out to POED with the 7643, asking in a couple for them to be slow after they cleared the 346.6. Clearing came at 0353 with a no defects, 40-ish temperature, 184 axles, and 2571'. Evidently there was police activity on and/or around the tracks by the Cumby by the old Baldwinville station. The plan was to hold at Otter River for further word, D-3 acknowledging at 0404 that POED had stopped at Otter River. There was more, but garbled. A later check of PD Templeton sites showed naught, and naught further was heard to, from, or about POED.
The yard was MT, probably in some part cuzza POED. PW racks? Dunno. The fencing panels and weight bags were no longer just east of the southerly Heywood, but the crumpled buckets were still up against the MART fence. The 345 1 WL was at Clear. I didn't check, but mebbe FI-2 or another short train was to the west, POED long gone from the circuit.
The Shrine Of The Deity Of The CPF 345 Dunks was no longer fenced off, but what it was was dark. Dunno what early essential workers are doing for personal fueling.
One other EB reception came at 0406 when D-3 breaking thanked 22K-- more about which later -- for something. There was no change in signal appearance at 335, at 334, or -- at 0415 -- at 333, 7400 not due out until 0450.
Post refueling stop, the 330.8 WBs showed a Stop for 1 and a Clear for 2, the 330 1 WL at Slow Clear. The GL and FG WLs were dark, and the FI-1/2 parking spot MT at 0432, and the EB staggers for Derby were dark at 0438.
Things got a little busier at 0447 when D-3 OKd 22K to take the wye signal and gave the yarding instructions. Missing was any mention of racks and/or San-Vel, so mebbe a local would deal with the racks, if any.
More retentive readers will note no mention of any of the AY locals. That ended at 0450 when D-3 acknowledged that AY-3 was on the Milling and that the switch and derail were as they should be, advising that transportation would be sent to the Pine Tree.
More retentive readers will also note no mention of Q426/7. Not that hearing or seeing naught means aught, but naught was heard or seen.
Let's all continue to be safe out there.
  by guilfordrailfan
Welcome back Jaymac! Missed the gawking.
  by woodeen
I second that; love those reports from Chair City
  by jaymac
0310-0525/06-03-2020 had moments of puzzlement, starting off -- again -- with prolonged radio silence until a number of servings of Yard Channel hash at 0330 and later. At 0342, the 333 WLs were dark, and at 0345, D-3 reached out to ED-9 with no further immediate developments. The 334 ELs were at Stop and the 334 1 stagger and 335s would also be dark. 0351 was another D-3 reachout to ED-9, again with no further developments -- at least that reached my ears.
Up Da Hill, the 345 ELs and WLs were all at Stop, and a string of general sat on Yard 2. there were more than a coupla CRYO-TRANS -- both all caps and mixed upper and lower cases showing on the company website -- reefers by Chair City Oil and west, then covered hoppers and 2 flats of 78' rail and another CRYO-TRANS reefer to the east. Dunno if the reefer split was for different customers or to have a buffer for the rails. The flats carried LBR reporting marks, and per a Google hit, the Lowville & Beaver River is dormant, so dunno.
The Shrine was still dark, prompting questions about trackside sources of caffeine and calories for crews between Deerfield and Ayer when most other folks are asleep.
The lit 345s prompted a trip a bit west, and yes, the OOS Pleasant Street OHB was still OOS. The 346 WL was dark, as were things down by the ELs, neither power nor marker being visible, prompting -- again -- wondering about if the 345s had been changed to constant-on or if there might be relay problems or if there might be some mix of the 2.
At 0413, D-3 answered AY-3, acknowledging that they were in the clear at the Milling and that switch had been restored for the main line and that the derail was restored, adding that a cab would be sent to the Pine Tree. At 0420, the 345s were still at Stop.
There was more Yard Channel hash served up up 0425 and later, and at 0429, the 333 WLs were dark.
Further east and at 0439, somebody said something to somebody else, but what eluded me. The 330.8 WBs were both at Clear and the 330 WLs at Stop. At 0440, somebody told Mike there were 4 to go, more about which in a tad.
The GL WLs were dark, but given the earlier Clears, a swing was made by the platform to see if a route was in for a WB. Nope -- unanimous reds on the 330 ELs.
It emerged that EDPO was working Fitchburg, despite the dark FG WLs. There were cars on East Side just east of the FG ELs, but the power was invisible, and at 0443, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT. EDPO's continuing radioactivity prompted --again -- a side trip to Airport Road, where cars were visible, but the power was obscured by the intervening buildings by OX.
At 0457, the the EB staggers for Derby showed a Clear for 1 and an Approach for 2, for yet another prompting, this to wonder if FI-2 might be by Lafarge or Keating and/or 22K might be holding at Slab City. Dunno -- heard naught to, from, or about either entity.
Radio silence resumed again until 0505, when there was garble followed by a D-3 response to Q426. D-3 acknowledged that they were tied down on Track 11 and had had some -- lost to me -- trouble with 1 of their units. Dunno if the trouble report meant that the CSX power would continue east or if it was a hedzup for for AYPO and/or AY local who would be doing the power swap.
Radio silence was again the rule for the balance of the trip.

Retentive readers might note that the submission time of this post -- GMT differences taken into effect -- is considerably later than usual. Evidently Cloudfare had an issue the AM, so it's probably still a good idea to do frequent saves of drafts and make sure you get an acknowledgment.
  by jaymac
For 0305-0510/06-05-2020, there was -- spoiler alert -- an actual sighting of an actual train, not earlier hinted at since the only radioactivity was a breaking Boston West around 0310 with probable Line 4 activity, so much so that a lock-out was put in effect.
At 0326, things got a bit more on topic when D-3 called out to Q426, but there were no further immediate developments until 0332 when a breaking D-3 -- Yard Channel? -- called out to AYPO about coming down for a swap. The next bit of garble was on Road Channel at 0335, getting a clearer "Roger that."
At 0339, the 333 WLs were dark, the usual sequence of Stops on the 334 ELs and darkness on the 334 1 stagger and 335s holding as per usual.
There was some garble on the way up Da Hill -- not unusual -- and Stops on the 345 Els -- also not unusual. But there was general on 2 at the Timpany Boulevard UGB, and the transmissions were now clearly received: EDPO was working the yard. It musta been a training trip cuz there was visi gear by West Switch and more visi gear further east by the end of Yard 4. The easterly end of 4 had 7 rack loads and then general west that included at least 1 more CRYO-TRANS. The 345 2 WL was showing a Medium Clear, and the power -- e/w KCIRs 7898 and 7525 and NewBlue 5958 -- was shoving another 7 racks off the PW and onto Yard 2. Dunno how long the rest of EDPO was, but once the power was back on it, there would be the usual walking + unwinding + walking back + C arithmetic, and being in my usual ADHD state, I was EB, hearing at 0415 that the power was back on the train. Never heard anything about an update or its acknowledgment, so dunno how far E EDPO would get in the short term.
A bit further east and at 0419, there was some D-3 breakage about the power arrangement on 426, but the Mount Wachusett spatulas totally hashed anything further.
At 0423, the 333 WLs were dark, and further east, the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear and the 330 WLs and ELs all at Stop, the GL and FG WLs being dark. At 0438, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT, prompting wondering about whether the 5958 might be later set off, that NewBlue having had that duty before.
0444 was when the EB staggers for Derby were dark, and only a coupla static spurts rounded out the trip. AY-3 and/or AY-4 and/or 22K and/or AYPO/Q426? As with EDPO, dunno.

Edited for an update:
Crossing noise for the X7.8 at 0810 -- dunno whether for EB or WB. No additional noise by 0820 so mebbe tied down at at X.6.0/Shrewsbury Street.
  by johnhenry
Crossing noise was for a westbound freight that I saw passing the WB DPW garage a few earlier.
  by jaymac
Tnx -- always good to have independent confirmation that I wasn't hallucinating.
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