• Where do YOU want to go? (Excursion)

  • Discussion related to the operations and equipment of Consolidated Rail Corp. (Conrail) from 1976 to its present operations as Conrail Shared Assets. Official web site can be found here: CONRAIL.COM.
Discussion related to the operations and equipment of Consolidated Rail Corp. (Conrail) from 1976 to its present operations as Conrail Shared Assets. Official web site can be found here: CONRAIL.COM.

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  by rswinnerton
I'd like to pose this to the group. The CRHS is kicking around ideas for our next excursion and I'd like some input. Where would you like to go and via what route? What makes that paticular route special and unusual? Would it be a "circle trip" (like our last one) or would it be with a destination?

Any comments will be appreciated.
  by atsf sp
How about the Boston line? Thats ex-Conrail plus beautiful scenery in the Berkshire mountains.
  by charlie6017
1. The ex-Lehigh Valley Oak Island to Sayre, PA

2. The ex-Erie "Southern Tier" from Croxton to Buffalo
  by JimBoylan
I already sent this to Mr. Swinnerton:

Philadelphia to Pt. Reading, Bay Head Jct., Oak Island, and return, possibly via Reading. The ConRail full dome car has been over most of this route, except possibly to Bay Head.

If the Convention hotel is to be the one at Delaware Ave. & Walnut St., start the trip there!
I planned and rode such a trip in May, 2002, but it was expensive. A circle trip to West Falls via the High Line and East Side Yard cost $200 or $225 per person with 3 Amfleet coaches, Mr. Levin's Diesels, 120 Business Car, and Lounge Car. Of course, the fares also had to finance the dead head moves between Juniata Terminal (C St. Yard) and the hotel. I even got a representative of Sun Oil Company to narrate as the train went through his refinery near Passayunk & Vare Aves.! It's all in how you present the request.
  by Kaback9
The Lehigh Line would be nice, but Jim's proposal above is an excellent one!
  by Noel Weaver
The St. Lawrence from Syracuse to Massena and return. There is a good chance that I would travel up from Florida to ride
this interesting line.
Noel Weaver
  by ST214
Albany,NY and down the now CSX River Line and back.....
  by Mike77E9
Here's what I would like to propose. I did sketch something out in Google Maps, so here it is: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&m ... b0381e6c79

My only questions/concern is the junction of the former Camden & Amboy to the North Jersey Coast Line. A lot of the areal photographs seems a little ambiguous and not sure if the connection to westbound North Jersey Coast Line still exists, but hopefully someone more knowledgeable with that particular area can chime in. Also, i'm not familiar with the junctions in Philly.
  by JimBoylan
The return via Pt. Reading Jct. has 2 possible routes beyond Woodbourne: via Jenkintown or via the New York Short Line via Bustleton, the Junction Rwy., West Philadelphia Elevated RR "High Line", and back into 30th St. Lower Level. If via Jenkintown, 3 more choices: use the Blue Line Connector at Wayne Jct. to join the previous route; back onto the Norristown branch at 16th St. Jct., then use the 16tth St. Connector to reach the NorthEast Corridor and 30th St.; or continue through the Center City Commuter Tunnel to 30th St. Upper Level.

Where will the Convention be, as the trip should start somewhere near there?
  by Otto Vondrak
A round trip on the River Line (West Shore) would be great. Don't know where you'd be able to safely board the train, though. Could you board the trip at Hoboken and switch over to the River Line at some point? I dont have my maps in front of me...

Another great trip would be "circling the Hudson" going up the West Shore and down the Hudson Division. Most likely, you'd have to terminate the trip at Croton-Harmon to avoid the engine change for the electric zone.

  by Bobby S
How about running on the CSX line from Philly to Baltimore to DC then to York PA returning through Allentown, Bethlehem into NJ running on the ex CNJ/LV lines and return to Philly. Not sure if a routing exists or what lines would be needed to run on. Sounds good to me though!
  by rswinnerton
All good suggestions guys! Keep 'em coming. One question to pose to the group though....

What would you pay to ride a dome car on the following route: Harrisburg/Lock Haven/Tyrone/Altoona/Gallitzin/Altoona/Harrisburg?

What about a regular seat? (No Septa equipment! We learned our lesson!)


Also, the trip and convention will be seperate from now on and we can't use CSX as they generally don't allow excursions.
  by conrail6055
I've been waiting to run that route for YEARS!!!!! Crawling across the Nittany, and then flying over the Middle division.. Let's do it! :wink: