• Railroads interchanging with Conrail until the Merger

  • Discussion related to the operations and equipment of Consolidated Rail Corp. (Conrail) from 1976 to its present operations as Conrail Shared Assets. Official web site can be found here: CONRAIL.COM.
Discussion related to the operations and equipment of Consolidated Rail Corp. (Conrail) from 1976 to its present operations as Conrail Shared Assets. Official web site can be found here: CONRAIL.COM.

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  by scharnhorst
Are you asking about what railroads interchanged with Conrail till the end? There are a lot of them to name off here.

  by railroader9731
yes and railroad named locos you would have seen mixed in with cr

  by scottychaos
Railroad that interchanged with Conrail:
every railroad that existed in the North East between 1976 and 1999.
hundreds of them.

"named locos you would have seen mixed in with cr"
every Class 1 that existed in North America between 1976 and 1999..
and every railroad that existed in the North East between 1976 and 1999.
hundreds of them.

your question is far too broad..
what exactly, specifically, would you like to know?
please narrow down your scope.


  by railroader9731
what im doing is a freelanced (1990's era) layout and would like some ideas of other locos that intermixed with cr. i hope this helps as i dont need 100's of roads just some class ones will help. thanks

  by Tadman
If you're a creative type, put some Susquehanna-liveried units on your railroad, or maybe P&W, CV, or find a undec switcher and paint it for one of the spinoff roads. Then, you've got your boilerplate CSX, NS, ATSF, BN, UP run-throughs. I also recall seeing coal trains on the water level route out in Indiana with WC SD45's. That was a real treat seeing those go past, but I have no idea how far east they made it. Being mid-1990's. a heritage or amfleet-equipped F40PH led Amtrak train will be suitable for the layout as well. I'd suggest going to www.railpictures.net, and using their search engine to narrow down your search to conrail only, 1990's only, and your prospective setting state only. Also, keep in mind Conrail was quite progressive in motive power, so if you're doing mainline, we're talking the newest of the new power - AC traction, wide-cab, SD80MAC, etc... If you're doing yard, think SD40-2 (long "porch" frame) for hump power, and if you're really adventurous you can kitbash a RS11 hood set to an SD40 frame for slugs. I sure miss those. However, I recently journied back home and went past the Elkhart NYC yard, and although the RS11/SD40 hybrid slugs are gone, NS uses quite a few high-short-hood SD40's to shunt cars. Finally, Conrail was using the LMS 8-40CW blue lease units that looked like Conrail owned them, save for the "LMS" markings in place of the snail.

  by scharnhorst
If your working with modeling you have the following Railroads in the mix:

Between 1976-1977 the following Railroad leased Power to Conrail when the retirement of older units took place on Conrail::

Burlington Northern - GP 40's, GP40-2's, and C424's

Bangor and Aroostook - All of there GP'7

Chicago & Northwestern - GP35's, GP30's, SD40's, SD45's, and U30C's

Canadian National - M636's, and GP40-2W's

General Electric - U30C's, and 1 GP-9, (and Former U25B's still in Frisco Paint)

Morrison-Knudsen - GP-35's

Missouri Pacific - Assorted GP 7, GP 9's, GP35's

Precision National Corporation - NW2's, SW9's, and RS-3's

Southern Pacific - GP35's

Southern Railway - Varyed F Units and GP30's

Union Pacific- GP9's and GP9B's

Outher Roads that poped up on Conrail but not leaseing power to them are:
Chessie System
Sea Board System
Louisville & Nashville
Norfolk Southern
CP Rail
SOO Line
Rock Island
Illinois Central Gulf
Milwakee Road
Santa Fe
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  by railroader9731
great info guys now to look for locos..... thanks a million again, any more info will still help.

  by lvrr325
Leased power could appear depending on what line you were on and who interchanged at the end of it.

1990s, I personally remember seeing on the Chicago Line in New York:

TV556 would almost always have SP power that could be anything on SP from their newest GE's to 60's GP40s to leased MK ex-ATSF F45s and SD45s. SP units were otherwise fairly rare.

The TV that was handed to the NYS&W for a time at Syracuse usually had BN or BNSF units of some sort going east, again occasionally with leasers. The BN units would run right down to Geddes St. to cut off, then run light to Dewitt and normally got sent west on something else. Until then, BN power was very unusual.

UP units were very common and could show up anywhere, there are even pictures of one on the former Lehigh Valley on a coal train up through Ithaca.

Santa Fe units were less common than UP, but did appear now and then.

NS units could not lead per crew union rules because they lacked chemical toilets and built in coolers, normally when I saw them a Conrail was tacked on the point. Newer NS units might lead, and once in a while one would lead on coal trains when the Hudson River trains were routed via Buffalo. A Santa Fe showed up on one of these trains, with the NS units.

CSX units were fairly common, usually in singles; the coal train for Solvay NY had them regularly until the contract went to a mine on NS. That included at least one road slug set, and I saw a couple of units still in Family Lines paint.

CN units showed every day once CNSE and SECN became runthroughs, but only between Selkirk and just west of Syracuse. Very uncommon anywhere else, but it's entirely possible a set could have been used to run down the River Line now and then.

CP units showed once in a while on unit grain trains. Otherwise uncommon. Grain trains went to Albany I believe. This could include Soo units, also.

A coal train that ran once a week or so tops on the Montreal Secondary, towards the end, would often show with WC units. Otherwise they were rare.

IC units were very uncommon and unpredictable, they're more common since CN bought IC but still unusual.

CNW units were unusual, but more common for a time after UP took over. The newer Dash-8s are what I remember most of, but I did see a few SD40s.

Rio Grande units were like IC - unusual - but did show now and then.

Guilford units could run through, but were rare and usually paying off horsepower hours - you'd see the same one two or three times in a week then it would dissapear.

I don't think I ever personally saw a KCS unit up here.

Other oddballs: New England Central units in transit; Housatonic units in transit; MA&N units in transit; MNCR FL9s in transit (those were easy to pick up in a train, as they'd cause an odd axle count total on the detectors).

NYS&W units I don't remember seeing mixed with Conrail. They got out in TV trains to and from NS at Buffalo and I'm sure were handled to Rome Locomotive Works when that was in business. Sometimes trains off the NYS&W were left on the siding at Belle Isle, about 10 guys chased that move out to CP296 and back with a new SD70 on the west end if I remember right.

Leased units could turn up but usually with foreign power - Conrail had enough units to play with their own lease fleets by then. I remember the UP-painted GECX units, M-K units, one Helm unit, and others.

For a time D&H ran detour trains Albany-Buffalo, so you got all of their stuff up here too - the NRE SD40s, CP/Soo units including a few ex-MILW "bandits", GP38s, and some other junk. I don't remember CP Alco/MLWs and by then the GP39's were gone.

Anything on Conrail could appear up here; I recall one power set that was an SD45-2, an NS unit, and a CSX unit. I saw ex-PRSL units, one ex-EL GP35, 3 of the 4 LV GP38ACs, 4 out of 5 ex-RDG GP40s, and I think all 8 ex-CNJ SD40s. Even units as old as GP10s turned up as long as Conrail owned them. Switchers were rare and usually in transit, and dead units were rare - one whitelined GP30 is all I ever caught, although I did see the 6607 smoking like a steam engine one day and read not long later in Railpace it had been taken off the roster. Apparently it was still blowing up.

So if you don't want to have 1000 units, have 2 or 3 UP and one NS, CSX, or whatever else you happen to like the looks of and you should have a reasonable variety.

  by scharnhorst
If you wanted to go ever rare on this I do recall seeing some KCS units here and from what I can recall they were mostley SD40's

As for CNW Units I mostley Saw the occational:
C40-8W's, C41-8W's, SD50's, Althow the most commonley seen were units that I saw were SD40's and C40-8's

but what is even rare is are Mexican Units which I have seen in New York such units to show there face were: TFM (Mostley AC4400CW's and the occational SD40-2), FCM SD40's, and N De M (Mostley SD40's) Units.

The CN Trains CNSE and SECN which ran from Montral, Quebec to Syracuse, NY to Albany, NY could have almost anything on it I can recall seeing ALCO/MLW units on it. I recall HR412's, HR616's, M424's, C636's. EMD Units were the most common and the units i saw the most were SD40-2W's GP38-2W's, GP40-2W's, SD50F's (Full Body Units much like F45's) and SD70's with Wide Cabs, GE Units most ofton seen were Full Body Units and almost anyting 6 axle. Most trains ran with between 3-5 units South Bound trains could run with just about any number of cars in tow. North Bound Trains always ran with 85 Cars no more no less. I noted this after spending 4 weeks testing the Montreal Secndary in New York between Syracuse, NY and Montral Quebec.
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  by lvrr325
Another oddball in transit - Quebec North Shore & Labrador cowl-body GE's (equivalent of 8-40-CWs); three went from GE Erie to Selkirk, to Syracuse and north on an SECN.

By the time the CN runthroughs started the C636s were gone (theirs were gone before CP's) and I never saw a 4-axle MLW on them, those units were in and out of storage as needed kind of like Conrail GP35s. I saw an HR616 once. The LMS units CN leased when Conrail didn't need them more or less replaced all that old junk.

I've seen GT units, but they seemed to come out of the west, I think I might have seen one on a CNSE, normally it was six axle units of all stripes - even plain-cab SD40s - and less often GP40Ws.

TFM and NdeM units would be more KCS runthroughs and they appear now but I don't think KCS even owned TFM until 1997 or later.

I wouldn't be surprised if BCR units showed up, the Alcos that went to Naporano for instance.

  by scharnhorst
KCS/TFM Units poped up mostley when midwestern National Guard units were going to Ft. Drum for practice. This was and still is a rare seen.

From what I can recall for CP Rail and Soo Line units they showed there face around October-November after the fall harvest and ran out of Niagra Falls, NY to the Port of Albany, NY to drop 85+ Cargill Hoppers to the Cargill elavator there.

Wisconson Central Units are vary uncommon and from what I do rember in recent years were a a Good number of SD45's, 2 GP40's, and, 1 GP30 makeing there rounds they were never in the lead of any trains from what I can recall and ost poped up with military movements or coal trains

Leaseing companys to have units pop up during the Conrail split in 1998 were:

HLMX SD40's & GP38's
LLPX SD40's & GP38's, C30-7's, C36-7's
GECX Ex BN SD40's, Ex UP B23-7's, C30-7's, SD40's
ATGX units were vary common for a while Ex BN C30-7
PLMX 1 SD40 unit spotted in transit late at night.
CEFX 1 SD90MAC spotted in transit, 1 AC4400CW seen in transit as well.