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  • Discussion related to the operations and equipment of Consolidated Rail Corp. (Conrail) from 1976 to its present operations as Conrail Shared Assets. Official web site can be found here: CONRAIL.COM.
Discussion related to the operations and equipment of Consolidated Rail Corp. (Conrail) from 1976 to its present operations as Conrail Shared Assets. Official web site can be found here: CONRAIL.COM.

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  by conrail6055
On June 30, 2006 a friend and I headed south into the heart of
thoroughbred land to save the locomotive cab of atleast 1 Conrail
unit. When we arrived on scene however, the condition was worse then
we had hoped. We were able to capture 300 photos and saved many "parts" from various engines.

Photographic evidence supports the following Conrail units as
scrapped as of 6-30-06;

Conrail GP38AC 7656, LV 310 (PRR 2881)
Conrail GP38-2 7717 (PRR 2903)
Conrail GP38-2 7870 (PRR 2924)
Conrail GP38-2 7878 (PRR 2926)
Conrail GP38-2 7886 (PRR 2933)
Conrail GP38-2 7893 (PRR 2938)

Also noted were two Blue cabinet doors with handpainted "8079" on
them which would be present day PRR 5282. I doubt however that this
is such unit.

Additional photographic evidence gathered clearly shows two
additional Conrail GP38's scrapped, however it will require photos
taken before 6-30-06 to verify which units these are. The first 3
digits are 294, however the fourth digit was unable to be verified.
The number 2 however is of a different font from the other.

http://www.conrailcorp.com/scrapped.html for my photo essay


Kristopher M Klemick
Conrail Enthusiast
Former Conrail Conductor
President, CONRAIL Historical Society, Inc

CONRAIL Historical Society, Inc
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Marysville, PA 17053

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CONRAIL Historical Society, Inc. a 501 (c)(3) IRS recognized Non-Profit Historical Society that has been duly incorporated in PA.

  by scottychaos
thanks for the info! :-D
sad as it is. :(

im trying to clarify the fate of LV 310.

she was reported scrapped, spotted cut-up in a gondola,
and your pics also show the remains of LV 310.


all we are seeing is CAB parts only!
did you see any other parts of the engines except cab parts?
because LV 310 was also reported REbuilt via the NS GP38 rebuild program! and all the locos that go through this program recieve...
new cabs and short hoods! :P

Which means..if you only saw the remains of cabs, and no long-hoods, frames or trucks, that none of these locos are actually scrapped afterall! :P
They simply had their cabs removed and replaced..and all you have seen is the removed cabs...the actual loco itself lives on.

so..did you just see cabs?
If so, I dont think you saw scrapped locos afterall! :P

check out this thread over on the NS forum:


  by scottychaos
Well..In attempting to solve "The mystery of the scrapped LV 310"
I have weighed all the evidence, and come to a conclusion.

We have four sets of evidence.

1. A report of the scrapped NS 2881 in a Gondola.
NS number confirmed.
but! turns out it was only the cab and nose seen! not the entire loco.
I confirmed that with the spotter.

2. A report, with photos, of a field of Conrail GP38 cabs and noses.
Including NS 2881, with other NS loco cabs.

Both reports 1 and 2 assumed, and logically so, that the entire units were scrapped..I would assume the same thing! (and I did! ;)
If you see a bunch of scrapped cab parts, its only natural to conclude the entire unit was scrapped..
but! in this case, it turns out this is very likely a false assumption! :P
because of evidence #3 and #4:

3. A list of NS units who are in-line to be rebuilt.
That list shows NS2881/LV 310 as part of the rebuild program!

4. It is known that the NS GP38 rebuild program is replacing cabs and short hoods!

So..taking all this evidence togehter, I conclude that only the removed cabs and short-hoods of these units were seen, and the units themselves live-on and are being rebuilt!
NOT scrapped afterall! :P


thanks everyone!

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  by Wanderer
2881 was not scrapped. It was salvaged. As is the practice with the Norfolk Southern rebuild program, the cab, battery boxes, and short hood were tossed due to the asbestos insulation in the cab section. The remains will be the rebuilt 2881. The cab is indeed gone.

The 2881's cab section was sent over the hump at Allentown Yard a few weeks ago in a gondola for points unknown, but destiny certaint. Sort of the feeling of a Roman executed, on parade.

2884 I can't find anything on, but am certain will be rebuilt. 2912 is currently the last active roster ex-Con GP38. And in defense of the Altoonaworks.info creator/maintainer, the GP38-2/GP38-3 rebuild programs lists are denoted on the pages as a work in progress...

  by conrail6055
Correct, the actual unit still exists. The units are being rebuilt by ns, with new cabs. I should have clarified that the frame is still intact.


  by keeper1616
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