• Any places for reliable older power on CP?

  • Discussion relating to the past and present operations of CPR. Official web site can be found here: CPR.CA.
Discussion relating to the past and present operations of CPR. Official web site can be found here: CPR.CA.

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  by train2
In the 80-90s SD40-2s were king on CP, they had so many. As the 3rd generation of diesel buying took hold, I noticed CP (and CN) did not seem to buy newer power in the same volumes as the US roads, but that could simply be a misconception on my part as CP is smaller than a lot of other roads. So as of 2012, are their any significant places on CP were modern GE's don't rule? Can you go anyplace on CP today and see any significant batches of SD40s still on the mainline?

  by amtrakhogger
The D&H?
  by train2
I appreciate that suggestion, I have already shot the D&H and ICE, looking for any places in Canada proper.
  by charlie6017
You would probably find older power in areas that have quite a few local freights going.

Maybe between Toronto and Hamilton/Bayview Jct area?

  by Ken V
Most of the locals out of Toronto use GP38s or GP9s for power and I expect the situation is similar in the Montreal area. There are a number of belt-pack operated SD40s in use on the hump in the Toronto East (McCowan/Agincourt) Yard.

While most mainline trains on now use GE power, you can still find some using GMDs. The Montreal-Toronto Expressway normally has 3 SD40-2s on the point.

There are a number of SD40s based out of Winnipeg and Calgary so things in western Canada may be different.
  by Leo_Ames
amtrakhogger wrote:The D&H?
I'm not out there much, but when I have been, it seems like their safety cab GE's dominate at the front of their trains at places like Rouses Point and Plattsburgh. Modern GE's are all I ever see at the front of mainline trains in Southern Ontario as well.

The only places I've seen older CPR power fairly recently has been on a rail train on CSX (A SD40-2 in Action Red) for some strange reason and GP9 rebuilds on locals in Cornwall Ontario.

Edit - I guess I'm a bit late, I didn't notice this thread was a few months old until after I posted.
  by chief
Just received bid sheets for CP locomotives being sold.------SW1200'S---1237,1250,1251,1241,1239 all running
2-GP-40's------4654,4655---major failure's.------------58-SD-90'S--91OO SERIES
17-Boarding cars.
Steve a k a Chief
  by wjstix
I've seen some 'CP Rail" SD's working the hump at Pig's Eye yard in St.Paul recently. Unfortunately I'm usually driving by at 60 MPH so haven't been able to record a no. to look up what engine it is, but they appear to be c.1970's SD units.