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Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by Tadman
I saw the Beep in person last week, sitting in the SE corner of the Topeka shop complex. It's pretty clean too.

  by uhaul
glad to here good Beep news Tadman.

  by ThePointyHairedBoss
Wow! She's even still in the pinstripe livery! Now THATS how ALL BNSF units should be painted! :-D

  by CNW1212
I love the BNSF roster. It has some of the oldest locomotives for any class 1 railroad. I was looking through some old pictues that I had taken last year, and found one of an ex ATSF GP40X, leading a Dash 8-40CW on a stacktrain! Only BNSF would run power like that. I have seen a lot of old BN SD9s too! It's great that some railroad will keep them in service. Don't they have an old baldwin SWBLW with a rebuilt EMD engine, at on of thier shops? 1460 is the number I belive. Have any of you seen 1717 latley? He came through a few months ago, and I'm wondering where he is now. I just saw the christmas train on the CP today. It was holding up a BNSF coal train, and a CP Rail mix freight.

  by tj48
The row of lights(?) on the side of the cab? Is the unit set up for remote control?
http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... ?id=326469

  by GN 599
BNSF 1717 is in storage in Topeka now.

  by GN 599
Hey I was just telling him about a locomotive he mentioned on this thread. If I were going to talk about the SD9's I would start a new thread. :wink: Anyway long live the beep!

  by uhaul
My apologies GN 599.

Happy Holidays
  by Leo_Ames
If the new issue of Trains is to be belived, the Beep is done. :(

I hope she finds a nice home to enjoy retirement in rather than a scrapyard.
  by atsf sp
I was in Topeka but i didn't find the BNSF shops. If I knew they had this engine I would have looked harder. Too bad.
  by GN 599
Its still on the roster, though I am not sure if its operational. All it takes is a good recession to wipe out stuff like that.
  by Leo_Ames
The story said it was stored operable, but won't be returning to active service.