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I have seen a burlington northern santa fe business train down on the bnsf racetrack(metra line-aurora to chicago), and the business train was attached to the amtrak southwest chief #4 train headed towards chicago, and was wondering, does anybody know who travels aboard bnsf business trains, are they people such as the chairman, vice president, etc.
  by Gilbert B Norman
I'll bet Warren has been aboard checking out his new 1:1 Lionel set.

Even though Warren is considered to be one of the most astute investors ever to play the game, somehow I'll bet he is excited as a kid on Christmas Eve over this acquisition.
  by wigwagfan
In general the biz trains are used by the corporate brass (President, Vice Presidents) but also regional managers (Superintendents) and such; they are also frequently used by the marketing group to entertain shippers.

On occassion the trains are used for community events or even public excursions, but not as frequently as in the past. (UP, for example, is running two public excursion trains this year.) Years ago when I lived in Montana, BNSF brought their business train to Whitefish and hosted a class reunion for the Whitefish High School onboard the train (I don't know the particulars but if I recall, the organizer of the reunion knew someone high enough at BNSF and made it happen; BNSF is a division point and thus has many BNSF employees living there.) Another time the BNSF president was onboard the train (the only time I ever saw special agents in Whitefish, however he was quite courteous and had no problem with me taking pictures.)