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Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by slashmaster
Thanks Lucid-one, You see that's what I thought it was but on the bnsf chart it looks more like 88 or 89 instead of 87 that this happend. I looked at other railroad charts csx and union pacific and you can see that it hurt them in 87 but nowhere near as much. So that is what's confusing me.
  by SantaFeGuy
The "SF" part of BNSF wasn't there then. BN at the time has very dependent on midwest commodities and those plunged too. Probably why it impacted BN more. And it was about that time that BN started pushing for another partner because UP had them in terms of competitive position. BN spend several years trying to snag Robert Krebs to run the show and he would only come if his AT&SF can as an equal partner. What that did for BN was given them a big time shortest distance route between Chicago and Los Angles which was and is THE container port world wide. With that merger, BN became a real "playa" as it were and was then on an equal footing as UP. And in AT&SF they got a company who'd spent it's history butting heads with UP, knew how to play hardball with them, and was not at all intimidated by them.