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Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by kelsokid18
So, I bought a scanner the other day (RadioShack Pro-82) and was excited as hell to get the BNSF freq. (161.100) programmed in so I could hear the trains coming through Kelso. Problem is, is I don't hear anything on the channel, even when the online stream has all kinds of chatter from BNSF/UP/AMTK on it.

Am I doing it right? Did I miss something when programming or getting the frequency?

  by route_rock
Thats one of our frequencies. Maybe your in an area that runs a different channel? I will look on a timetable for you but that will just show me the AAR number. If you get a list of AAR channels and their frequencies that might help you out.

  by kelsokid18
Hey cool. Thanks! Yeah, I just assumed that since Centralia South handles between Centralia and Vancouver Terminal, and I fall between that, I would use that channel.

  by CN_Hogger
If I remember correctly 161.100 is AAR 66...

  by Hawko
CN Hogger is right. 161.100 is AAR 66. This channel should work on the Seattle Sub. between Nisqually & Vancouver Jct. N. Try this site to find other channels, their frequencies and which companies use them: www.whrc-wi.org/railfreqs.htm