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Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by GN 599
On another note about 5 or 6 more SD-9's went LUPE (Laid UP Expiration) on 11-27. That makes about 4 or 5 still in active service not counting the SD9-3's.

  by Komachi

Okay, so does that mean that those Caddys are destined for torch-fodder or rebuilding? Just currious.


It was an evetuality. As the old saying goes, "To all good things, there must come an end." Enjoy 'em while you can.

  by GN 599
Lets hope not. We have a lot of engines that have been ''stored'' for 4 to 5 years. Including SD9's. They have a pretty good second hand market, BNSF sends them all to NRE. With the downturn in the economy there is going to be some bloodletting in the locomotive leasing market. In turn we may see an upsurge in locomotive scrapping. We still have some SD9's ''laid up good order'' and they re-activate them from time to time. However I nave never seen a locomotive ''laid up pending expiration'' make a return. :(

  by GN 599
There arent any unpatched Santa Fe units. Theres still several BN units left.
BN 1503
BN 1517
BN 1524
BN 2106
BN 2356
BN 3145
BN 6260
BN 6267
BN 6270
BN 6292
BN 6295
BN 6908
Theres about 45 SD70MAC's left.

  by GN 599
There arent any unpatched SD60M's left. The 9208 is now the BNSF 8108 and the 9226 is BNSF 9226.

  by uhaul
After many moments of silence I will fill the air with the sound of buttons being depressed on a keyboard as I type this post. 200 new SD70ACes are being ordered and they are to take over the number slot turf of the SD60Ms. Hard to believe that the first SD60M (UP 6085 now UP UP 2240) will be 19 years old next month.