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Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by hotbike

I found this article online.

Can anyone give more information?

Specifically, how many trains are going North/South versus how many are going East/West?

"On the southeast edge of downtown Fort Worth, near the Interstate 30/35W Mixmaster, is a quaint little railroad building known as Tower 55.

It marks the busiest at-grade railroad crossing in the United States, an interchange through which approximately

120 trains, averaging roughly 100 cars each,
pass daily. The traffic varies from Wyoming coal trains a mile and a half long to Amtrak passenger trains of eight to 10 cars.

Congestion has become horrendous at Tower 55, with trains typically stalled an hour and a half during peak periods because the tracks are at the same grade and rail-freight traffic is growing rapidly. Some trains begin queuing up 50 miles away.

Local governments, the Texas Department of Transportation..."

  by roberttosh
That's an interesting question. I've often wondered how that spot is so busy as it's not really on any of the major transcon lines, well unless you count the recent UP/SP merger creating the T&P as a somewhat busy transcon route. Seems to me that most of the traffic must be N/S with an emphasis on grain, coal and traffic to and from Mexico. I'm sure there's also a good bit of Intermodal and Auto traffic that originates/terminates in the area.

  by lakeshoredave
i think there are a lot of transfer moves through the interlocking at tower 55. email someone from that region and i'm sure they can give you a better idea of what bnsf and up run through there.