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  by NV290
I know the BN bought the David Clark Headset Systems for some of thier locomotives. I used to get some of them on run through power in the late 90's and i was recently on P&W power that came from the BN and they too had the systems.

For those unfamiliar with them, you had a small rectangular green box above each cab seat that had a headphone jack, a volume knob and a "PTT" button. A dual color LED would be green all the time to let you know the system was on. When you transmitted, the LED turned red. They even had a foot pedal PTT switch on the engineers side. Depressing the PTT switch on any box would transmit over the radio. Otherwise, the headsets acted as an intercom system allowing the crew to talk normally without yelling over loud engine noise. It seemed like a good idea and i have used the system in Helicopters where it's a must.

My questions is, did they issue crews headsets?, or where they given to you before a run and then you turnded them in?, did you have to buy them? etc. I know the headsets were over $200.00 a piece if i recall and they are somewhat bulky to carry.

And what is the policy on the BNSF now with them? Are they removing them from Loco's?. Are they still installing them? Were they popular?

Thanks in advance