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  by supra_power2
hello all i am new here so please bear with it :-D

i am currently about to start the 6 week training program and JCCC in kansas and was wondering if anyone could tell me about how it was during and after the program, for example

did you get a job right away?
if so is it diffucult to transfer to a job location you want to be at after your an employee?

or is it smater to wait until after nars, till theres a class in the place you want to be then could you still hire on if you werrent a current student but did pass NARS??

any advice or help that even remotly deals with some of these issues would be GREATLY appreciated

  by BigWeb
Komachi wrote:** Your friendly neighborhood moderator pops his head up from a manhole and sniffs at the air... **

Do I smell a redundant thread?
Supra, I think what "your friendly neighborhood moderator" is trying to say is that your question has been asked and answered before. Do a little searching around and you should find the answer to your question.

As you can see, some guys here don't like seeing the same question asked more than once. A nice reply telling you what to do would suffice, but most guys prefer the [email protected] replys.

Overall these are good forums to get your questions answered, you may just have to do a little digging.

  by supra_power2
thanks big web ,

I AM SORRY !!!!!!

i will keep looking
  by cooperTjustice
Nars is a good way to get into the railroad but it will take awhile. It also depends on where you are located.
I graduated Nars August 4th of last year and 11 months later I still have no RR job. I have had 2 offers and they were both cancelled. A lot of us from my class kept in contact and the first one we heard of getting hired was in March, 7 months later. My advice to you is take any rr offer you can get. No matter where or with who...Bnsf has to get through their extensive waiting list of graduates before they get to your class! atleast you can get some experience that way.

good luck, your gonna need it!

  by supra_power2
well if we lived in a perfect world then mandan ND is were i would like to be hired, however we dont. but i do also have a few people already working there as a engineer and a conductor who will give an employee refferal plus the nars trainning i though it might be enough of an edge to get into the next conductor class that mandan hires , or at least in the same distcrict so i could move without losing senoirty

or no??

  by cooperTjustice
yes that can all help you, but probably won't give you an edge. It's all handled by the HR dept. You'll have to be patient.

You must realize that there are HUNDREDS of NARS graduates as far back as last summer (2006) who graduated and have completed post interview new hire physicals, strenghth testing, and 2nd +3rd drug tests that are still waiting ahead of you. Most of their conductor trainee classes have been cancelled for 2007. They are all on a list that is controlled by the HR dept, and they are placing these grads wherever they can. Whatever terminal opens next those grads will be offered those positions first before recent grads etc...right now business is slow and hiring has completetly ceased for 2007 so the list just gets longer every 6 weeks. most go to UP or NS.

you made the right choice with nars just be patient.