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  • Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM
Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by Engineer James
Saw this on CNN. I presume a BNSF GEVO hits an 18 wheeler in Richmond TX. She was going atleast track speed, and you can hear the brakes squeeling. She was pulling brand new hoppers too! Go to CNN.com to see the vid, I cannot get a link to post at this time.

  by qboy
Looks more like that is a KCS engine, but scary and impressive neverless.

  by Engineer James
Thanks UP.

qboy> See thats what I thought too at first. But, she could still be in a primer stage? I did not see a roadname or catch one. But all the Santa Fe hoppers kind of make me think BNSF.

  by RussNelson
Wow. That video is amazing. The train punches through the trailer like it wasn't even there, and then drags the tractor backwards as it munches more and more of the trailer. And then you can hear the brakes going and going and going and the train hardly seems to slow down (which is of course what we all expect, but iit's something different to see).

  by route_rock
check out the trailer lol someones furniture was in there as it was a United Van Lines driver. OHHHH boy would I be ticked.

Couldnt tell what the loco was.

  by uhaul
The video does not work for me, but my server is tempermental.

  by Engineer James
Yeah, I will go check the rosters and see what I can find about the locomotive....

  by Engineer James
Trackage is owned by Union Pacific, not by BNSF first off, so any mod reading this "Please switch to UP Forum".

#2> I cannot seem to find any info on the crash. No newspaper articles, have seemed to be published yet. So I presume that the Locomotive is UP. But, Cannot find a number, anyone got some ideas?
  by amtrakhogger
I'll bet the engineer and conductor are still shaking.

  by rwallace2fan1
new video clearly shows KCS with the new paint scheme covered hoppers.

  by Engineer James
Ok. Waht was the locomotive classification? To me she appears to be a GEVO, but I did not think KCS had any.

Thanks to them for updating the vid. I could not tell with the origional vid I saw.

  by Komachi
Okay, kids...

Can we say, "Lightsaber through butter?"

I thought so.

(Interesting side note: This is lucky post 777, as of 3:04am CDT, 5/6/07)

  by resauto
KCS has plenty of GEVOs........its pretty clear in that video that it was KCS engine and it was hauling hoppers with our new paint scheme.

  by freshmeat
You want to see what the dangers are still like, go to


It is a BNSF cornfield meet. Just for grins stop the vieo when you see the approach signal. It is double yellow, BNSF for going in the hole on single track main. The watch the absolutes just prior to the train reaching it. You can see the signal go all red as well as the conductor bailing out and the on-coming train in emergency.

I've heard about this but never seen it before. I'll never approach another meet without thinking about this video.