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Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by route_rock
We have had a ton of SD_9's rolling into Galesburg, And a lot of them are in the 1700 series now. Grantes its a cheap patch job with what looks like black krylon and small stencils which were not centered and then sprayed with cheap white paint :-D But what a deal to see them still running and pulling along.

  by Tadman
I believe that's "word", as explained by martin riggs in Lethal Weapon three:

Roger: "Word?"
Martin: "yeah, you know, four letters, 'w' in the beginning, 'or' in the middle, 'd' in the end - 'word' ".
  by Komachi
No, I know.

I've seen other people mocking "street slang," using "werd" instead of "word." Thought it was funnier.

So, they've decided to use CF-7-esque cabs for the GP/SD-9 rebuilds, huh? (Hmmmm, I think my HO proto-freelance line might just "inherit" a couple of those things...) Are these the products of Clerburne, another BNSF shop force, or were they outsourced? Just wondering.

  by Leo_Ames
Sorry it offended you, but what you saw was just a rebuilt geep, not a CF7. Santa Fe sold the last ones off in 1987. Show us a picture of what you saw, since you have a unit BNSF doesn't even know it has owned in two decades still rolling around out there if you're right, unless they bought the Washington Central CF7's when they were reopening Stampede Pass. :wink:

Here is an example of the GP9 you saw.


  by GN 599
Just thought I would update this since BNSF has stored most of the remaining SD9's within the last month. The ones remaining in service are as follows.
BNSF 1710 ex-????
BNSF 1711 ex-BNSF 6135 exx-BN 6135 nee-CB&Q 333
BNSF 1712 ex-BNSF 6176 exx-BN 6176 nee-CB&Q 374
BNSF 1713 ex-BNSF 6199 exx-BN 6199 nee CB&Q 452
BNSF 1716 ex-BNSF 6119 exx-BN 6119 nee-GN 592
BNSF 1720 ex-BNSF 6128 exx-BN 6231 nee-C&S 836
BNSF 1722 ex-BNSF 6136 exx-BN 6237 nee-C&S 842
BNSF 1724 ex-BNSF 6143 exx-BN 6244 nee-MRL 6244 nee-B&O 1837
BNSF 1725 ex-BNSF 6144 exx-BN 6245 nee-MRL 6245 nee-B&O 1829
BNSF 1726 ex-BNSF 6147 exx-BN 6247 nee-MRL 6247 nee-B&O 1827

So there it is. Of the 38 SD9's on the roster 10 remain in service. 1710, 1711, 1712 and 1713 are SD9-3's. I dont know what the lineage of the 1710 is. Everything I have seen on the web says its a former GN unit which isnt correct as the only 2 SD9's the GN had with dynos are unrebuilt and stored in Seattle.