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  by caboose9

Does anyone have, or can get, a current roster of BNSF cabooses?

I have a copy of the 2001 BNSF caboose roster but I suspect there are fewer waycars rostered today than there were then.

Thanks, Roger

  by route_rock
Not sure where to get a list of waycars I know one is in Joliet and the one in Galesburg is " COndemened" but its being used as a shoving platform right now.

  by GN 599
From the 2001 roster to now I doubt there is fewer. We really need them for work trains and such and they are hard to come by sometimes. Up here in the pacific northwest we even use them on locals still. An engineer friend who works with me here on the BNSF talked to Matt Rose himself about the possible purchase of one for an office informed him that the cabooses we have on the property are not for sale or scrap and that at this point will only be donated to charity if retired. No joke.

  by CMNW3008
ATSF 999822 was assigned to night local yjol301 until it was damaged in a wreck. ATSF 999769 is a shoving platform assigned as its replacement. ATSF 999784 is assigned to the afternoon local yjol202 and is still in use--both based out of Joliet yard.