• What hath BNSF wrought?! (New Logo/Paint Scheme)

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Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by Amtrak31
I've seen 7 of them so far. One train was carrying three of them. Train Z-CHCPTL.

  by Tadman
For the record: both MACs in the eastbound empty unit coal train this morning on NYC waterlevel were in bnsf green and FADED orange. It looked like green and peach.

  by GN 599
I dont care much for it either. My favorite was the heritage 1. But they are gonna do what they want and there isnt much we can do. Trust me I know I work there.
  by AmtrakFan
EJ&ESDM809 wrote:I have seen a bunch of new logoed engine recently, including ES44DCs, ES44ACs, and SD40-2 6839 at Joliet.
Well there are 4 new logoed SD40-2.
  by Amtrak31
AmtrakFan wrote:
EJ&ESDM809 wrote:I have seen a bunch of new logoed engine recently, including ES44DCs, ES44ACs, and SD40-2 6839 at Joliet.
Well there are 4 new logoed SD40-2.
I've seen one at Joliet, #7835. I've seen a new logoed ES44AC, which was #5756. and a lot of new logoed ES44DC's. I just saw #7777, the quadruple seven on Thursday! He was leading a pair of GP60M's, one was a Warbonnet and the other was an H2. All three engines were running elephant style. The engineer gave us a lot of honks. :-)
  by Komachi
And yet, a third, redundant thread on the new BNSF logo and paint scheme popped up today... and yet, THE new logo/paint scheme thread was two items down on the page.


Now, as is my policy of fairness in all voices/oppinions being heard, here are the posts that appeared in the aforementioned, repeater thread...

The thread posed the question, "What do you think of the new logo?"

Bucyrus6150 started the party off with...
Just wondering what everyone thinks of it...

I didnt really like it at first, but now I kinda like it. it seems more fitting to have a square/angled logo on locomotives with no curves at all.

(Note: I didn't cut/paste the cute gifs of the NS loco and coal hoppers in his/her signature... but they are cool.)

Next, Amtrak31 added...
I like it a lot. It's my favorite BNSF paint scheme. I've seen about 10 now altogether. They are showing up more frequently on the Transcon.

Then, AmtrakFan quipped...
I like the scheam better then I thought but I like the Cream and Green better.

And then I posted that I was locking the repeat thread and quoting their comments (I cut and pasted, so there shouldn't be any alterations to their thoughts/opinions) here in the appropriate thread.

PLEASE, keep the discussion of the new paint and logo (or whatever they decide to call this black and orange scheme and "swish" logo) to this thread.
- Thanks, the management.
  by EJ&ESDM809
I saw new logoed ES44AC 5799 at Westmont today. Here are some shots I have got on Railpictures of new logoed ES44DCs and ES44ACs. http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=118803 http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=114640 http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=113887

  by Amtrak31
Very nice shots, Rob! :-)
  by mu26aeh
Today, I saw #7766 north of Harrisburg, PA. Along with a CN and a CSX Conrail patch.

  by Amtrak31

Here are my shots of 7766.
BNSF New Logo highballing through rural Kinsman.
BNSF New Logo 7766 about to pass under the bridge through rural Ransom. My favorite location.
  by Komachi

Now, have they decided to add a yellow stripe to the paint, with that curved "bow wash" (don't know if it qualifies as a chevron or not) design to the new paint scheme? It adds a simple, yet elegant touch to the whole look.

The logo still leaves something to be desired. I kind of like the nickname that GN 599 gave it in the "Name Your Favorite Paint Scheme Nickname..." thread in the "General Discussion: Locomotives, Rolling Stock and Equipment" forum...

"I call the new BNSF one the skidmark because of the logo and because alot of people say it looks like crap! :-D "

Nice quote.

But, those are nice pics, Nick, thanks for sharing. (Now, if they'd only get rid of one 7 and one 6 and throw a 19 in front of that unit's number :wink: .)

PS. Anyone know what that yello piece of MOW equipment is on the side track in that first picture? Is it a grader/ditcher or snowplow? Just currious.

  by Amtrak31
Thanks, Komachi. :-) I wasn't sure what the yellow MOW equipment was. It looks like a grader to me, but I'm not really sure. Take care.

  by John_Perkowski
Bring back ATSF switcher black and zebra stripes.

Better yet, bring back basic black and railroad roman.

Cheapest to maintain.
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