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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by ryanov
Never personally had any problem using TriRail, other than I think some confusion related to the fare payment system. I do recall I thought the trains seemed dirty.

Florida isn't really interested in rail, from what they say.
  by chrsjrcj
I'm curious when you took Tri-Rail that the train was an hour late. That is not a frequent occurrence as of late, and for the most part only happens when there is a trespasser strike (like any other railroad). In fact, Tri-Rail poster their highest OTP in February since 2002. Now about 13 years ago, when the double tracking project was in full swing, I remember frequent 40 minute to 1 hour delays being a daily occurrence. The bus connection on the other hand, is no doubt a different story.

The Tri-Rail connection in Hollywood isn't too bad. If Amtrak is on-time, then the next Tri-Rail shouldn't be any more than a 20 minute wait. That takes you directly to the MIC with rental cars or metrorail to downtown if you so desire.

Even the historic (now gone) SAL Miami station was a few miles from downtown Miami.
  by Tadman
It was June of last year. I flew in to FLL and wanted to ride Tri-Rail to my hotel. The magic started upon getting off the plane. Finding a clearly labeled sign to connect to Tri-rail was like finding buried treasure - it appears they don't exactly want you to find it. After 20 minutes of walking around, I find a minutely labeled bus stop. I would have to pay for the bus like a regular bus, and it ran on a schedule, not like a shuttle. Upon realizing I was a few minutes late for the bus, I hailed an uber which hustled to get me to the station in time for the train. The ticket lady was not so polite or efficient. The train was delayed, delayed some more, and ultimately canceled. The following train was also delayed. After waiting over an hour, I hailed another uber and went downtown.

I like to work trains into my journeys, but from start to finish there was nothing acceptable at all about this experience. Bad signage, poor connections, very late trains, annulled trains, crummy communication at the station as to where the train was... There was literally nothing redeeming about this train. What kind of air-rail connection only runs on a scheduled city bus? Most I've ever been on were a shuttle-format.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Tri-Rail worked for my January AAF joyride when starting from Miami, I did not have an auto to get to Ft. Lauderdale. My itinerary was set forth over at the FEC Forum AAF topic.

Of course it took a long time, considering Metro Mover and Rail from my hotel to Airport and the 1.6 mile walk to AAF, but it worked. The Tri Rail equipment was definitely run-down, but it ran. Aboard, I met a young couple from of of the countries that was once within Yugoslovia who had arrived "Red Eye"; she spoke good English, he knew as much English as I do of whatever (I've found on my trips in as many years to Austria you need not know the local lingo). They were going to a cruiseship, and we're all set to get a taxicab or Uber (they had the app). Since they were flush for time, I suggested the transfer bus to the Airport (FLL), then just find Carnival's stand there and say "here we are; get us to the dock". We arrived at Dania and I could see the bus. I pointed to it; and after a "hug from her", they were on their way. It was about 11, and I'm confident they made Their 5P sailing.

My February joyride (actually a ride for a good Ribeye at Ruth's in WP) from Boca and with "Red Lex" (my Lexus GS), it was a drive to the free parking at Ft. Lauderdale, thence a ride North in Business with its comp Grape Juice, walk to/from Ruth's, return in Coach, lest I not be tempted by "the Grapes" on the return having to drive back to Boca.
  by PC1100
I have ridden Amtrak to just about all of its major terminals and can say that Miami's is the most awkward of them all. I understand the whole history of how it ended up where it is, and how even the old Seaboard station wasn't in downtown, but the location of this one is just bizarre.
  by ryanov
Internet says there is (and has been) a free shuttle to FLL. Does not sound overly complicated. I can’t personally recall if I’ve used it.
  by chrsjrcj
Yes, the shuttle bus between the airport and Tri-Rail station is a Tri-Rail shuttle bus (in Tri-Rail paint).
  by Gilbert B Norman
SAL Station Miami:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/southbeachcars/8895231128" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

And what remains guarding the jailhouse:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/southbeac ... otostream/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Here's where it was:

https://www.google.com/maps/place/NW+7+ ... -80.207218" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by frequentflyer
According to Google maps, the yard is 3.6 miles away. Thats some distance to traversed each day into a station that large enough to hold the consist (how that came to be is pathetic by the way). Why should Amtrak move?
  by Noel Weaver
First off before my treatment began I was riding Tri-Rail on a average of about once a month. The vast majority of the trains were clean, comfortable and on time to the minute. The timekeeping has improved since they got rid of the CSX dispatchers a few years ago. Commuter trains do not and ideed can not be serviced every single trip they make over the road. None of the terminal stations have facilities to clean the cars, service the toilets etc. Most other commuter railroads have terminal stations where they can not service trains either. I would match out trains with anything that the MTA, NJT, MBTA or any of the rest of the northeast agencies run for conditions.
Tri-Rail offers free bus service direct from the Fort Lauderdale Airport Station to the airport itself and it services all four terminals at no additional cost to Tri-Rail passengers. I have talked to two or three folks who have used those buses and all said the system worked fine for them. If and when I get back fully recovered and on my feet full time I will be out riding our trains again.
Noel Weaver
  by ryanov
The cars seemed dirty to me, more like white surfaces needed a good scrub/bleach or that some had yellowed with age. I can’t remember what’s else. Seemed otherwise fine. I had the same feeling about BART, which had a lot more carpet when I visited in 2005 than it seems to these days.
  by chrsjrcj
I agree, the older Bombardier cars definitely need to be refurbished. The newer Hyundai-Rotem cars are in good condition though.
  by njt/mnrrbuff
It would really be good if Amtrak could move into the MIC as soon as possible? This is a great location because you can take the Metrorail directly from the MIC to Downtown Miami. I'm sure that there are a lot of buses.

I have never been a fan of the current Amshack in Hialeah because it's very far from Downtown Miami. In addition, the station is in a very dodgy part of town. Lastly, there aren't many public transportation options from the current Amtrak station to Downtown Miami.
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