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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by jhdeasy
Tadman wrote: Sat Oct 12, 2019 8:41 am According to fb, the Frank Thompson is on her way to chicago.
train 30(18) CHI to WAS
train 29(20) WAS to CHI

train 91(19) NYP to WAS
  by jhdeasy
The first of the three 2019 Autumn Colors Express excursions thru the New River Gorge of West Virginia departed Huntington WV this morning enroute to Hinton WV.

Three locomotives and 21 cars. Lots of seats under dome glass. Six former SPV-2000 coaches owned by Foxville and Northern Railway were scrubbed from the trains; the operators leased two Horizon cars from Amtrak to fill in for the “no show” Constitution Liners.

These 3 excursions and the before/after positioning moves between Chicago and Huntington are the only special trains (other than special trains for professional sports teams) operated by Amtrak to date in 2019.
  by jhdeasy
chuchubob wrote: Fri Oct 25, 2019 3:30 pm PV CATALPA FALLS was added to train 43 Pennsylvanian with the engine change at Philadelphia.
Departing for Pittsburgh with eight cars
Interesting to note CATALPA FALLS was required to operate on the head end from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. I guess there is no switch crew on duty at PHL to add them to the rear of the train at PHL for the run to PGH. Simpler to have the road diesel couple to the PV and back against the front of the train.

CATALPA FALLS returns to PHL on train 42 on October 27.
  by troffey
charlesriverbranch wrote: Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:00 am At South Station in Boston Saturday afternoon, I saw an odd Amtrak consist on track #1: two Genesis diesels with a single cafe car between them. Presumably this short train was going somewhere other than the NEC. Was it some sort of deadhead move , perhaps to Albany?
Maybe a Portland Extra? Downeaster equipment cycles through South Station on the way to Southampton for maintenance.
  by Train2009
Private car C&O "Chapel Hill left Chicago, IL last night on Train #50 as per a post on Facebook's Private Varnish Tracker group, any clue on if it be headed back to home base in Albany, NY and when?
  by jhdeasy
Private car DEARING. a long term storage tenant at the Savannah GA station, is terminating their storage agreement with Amtrak and relocating to the Heart of Georgia shortline, via CSX freight, this week.

The owners say the high cost of long term storage at an Amtrak facility is no longer a good value for them, as Amtrak’s current switching/parking limitations at WAS and the inability to get switched on/off trains 89/90 at New York have crippled their charter and public trip operations.
  by Jeff Smith
I'm going to disagree with my buddy Tad; I think there's something to be said for goodwill and romance of some of these charters. For the few times that they're operated, I just don't see the harm.

Mr. Deasy, sorry to hear about Dearing. I never got over to Savannah to see it, and I can't imagine what the issue is with switching at either WUS or NYP. The Palmetto is a perfect train, with morning departures. I am glad to hear it is staying in Georgia, though. I assume it will be in Cordele near the SAM Shortline? I'm just up 75 in Warner Robins.
  by Jeff Smith
I'd add the HOG has grown quite a bit. A few years back, there was a "Nancy Hanks" excursion from Macon terminal station.
  by jhdeasy
Six former Connecticut “Constitution Liner” cars, built as SPV-2000 DMU’s, are now parked at the Savannah GA Amtrak station. They are now owned by Foxville and Northern Railroad in North Carolina. With a freshly completed air brake system COTS and Amtrak inspections, they are certified to operate on Amtrak. They have retained the fixed 3&2 bench seats from their years in commuter service.

They are scheduled to move from SAV to WAS on train 90(15) and then onwards from WAS to CHI on train 29(16).

Their first revenue trips will be on Polar Express special trains in Chicago-land.
  by Greg Moore
Cool, this is the first I've heard they're back in running condition.

Would be a nice "rental" for Amtrak over Thanksgiving though...
  by Jeff Smith
That must be a sight! I assume they're on the south end stub-siding (the Palmetto uses the north end stub). I'll try to get down to the SAM; want to see Deering.
  by jhdeasy
Jeff Smith wrote: Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:26 am That must be a sight! I assume they're on the south end stub-siding (the Palmetto uses the north end stub). I'll try to get down to the SAM; want to see Deering.
Yesterday the 6 Foxville & Northern cars were coupled to DEARING.

Don’t delay your visit, as DEARING is waiting for a CSX car inspector to visit and approve the car for freight movement to Cordele. Once that action is completed, the switcher may come quickly to take them away.
  by Jeff Smith
I may go down this weekend, depends on timing.
  by east point
Saw they were on rear of Palmetto. Wonder if they will have to be on rear of train #29 or will HEP pass thru them. If on rear of 29 will be a long walk for passengers !
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